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Have you ever heard a word from a person and you were so certain they missed it? You just knew it was not meant for you and it was dead wrong? Well, brace yourself… glean from my personal life experience. Tough but necessary lesson to learn. I pray this blesses someone today and thrusts ONE PERSON to their destiny…. Thank you for reading my long wisdom nugget….

“Oh Lord, let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, my Lord and my redeemer. Amen.”

A little over a month ago, I received a call from a friend, a prayer partner I had lost contact with for almost 13 years! We were so glad we found each other again and thanked God for reuniting us. Here is why, she and I were prayer partners. Our meetings were always about lifting each other up, edifying, and ofcourse sometimes rebuking because we cared deeply for each other. Here we were again, over 13 years later…she found me!

I should have known God was up to something. You see, MARY is a prayer warrior… one who sees before things happen (a phenomenon which may not be familiar to some of you reading this but please indulge me). In fact, she foresaw my meeting with my husband 3 months before I met him and a host of other things she’d shared with me.  We picked up from where we’d left off…PRAYING WITH ONE ANOTHER AND FOR EACH OTHER.

Well, I had almost forgotten the spiritual gift this precious lady had. Barely three weeks ago, she began to share with me what she saw in the spirit; 3 things, two of which will be revealed in the fullness of time. 1 I truly feel inclined to share with those who would care to read this message. Oh my, it was a warning I was not ready to receive…Her words, “Sorry sister but God is getting ready to shift your sphere of influence. Unfortunately, there are people around you who will be instantly removed; some will remove themselves because they no longer belong there and sadly they believe they are doing you a favor… few will remove themselves for lack of disobedience.. Sorry sister… get ready to be surprised by the very few you think you know… Get ready.” When I heard that, my heart sunk… I found my head quickly going over my circle as I know it was not that many… My instant reaction to that word was…”I have not seen her in over 13 years, something has definitely happened to her… She has missed this one and she has missed it BIG TIME!” Needless to say, I DID NOT RECEIVE THE WORD! I thanked her and quickly got off the phone. In fact, the very first thought to me was she was probably now jealous of the new friends God had brought into my life. Then another thought was, she doesn’t even know them and has not even stepped her feet where I currently reside.

In my quiet moments, God began to remind me of all she’d spoken into my life before…God reminded me of who she was in my life before my life today as I know it…God began to remind me all of her support in the past; how she’d stayed up late when I was in trouble… God reminded me of how she was there in my rough times… GOD REMINDED ME of her heart…and fear gripped me most when one of the other two things she’d spoken happened just as she said… TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE PRAYER. I had to pay attention! Then the bottom dropped in MARY’s ABSENCE and what she’d said to me unraveled!

Why am I sharing this today? I share this because I truly believe we all can learn few lessons from other peoples’ mistakes. When GOD places people in our paths… we must carefully weigh the circumstances. When we are confused, we must go back to the core of what we know of that person and then ALLOW the Holy Spirit to do the peeling….The message may not always be what we want to hear just as in my case… but we must heed as GOD HAS NOT CALLED US TO GO IT ALONE. Often, when we are in the thrust of situation and we so desperately want something, we may not see what others will see. I certainly didn’t see few things coming. Or in my case, I ignored it all.

Here are the lessons I came away with:
(1) Where God may be getting ready to take you, not everyone will go there with you as much as you’d love to carry everyone along;
(2) There are people whose role is to come into your life for a short period—and they either remove themselves through no fault of yours or God indeed removes them;
(3) There are those who have been called to mentor or inspire or motivate, caution and persuade, provide a edge of protection even when you don’t think you need it, don;t ignore them, value them.. they are precious gems;
(4) Understand that as much as you may love people, there are those who will only support when things are fine in their own lives and will retrieve when things are not, accept and move on;
(5) Not everyone will appreciate the spiritual gifting you have been given and it may be loathed when it brings about conviction and a required change of heart;
(6) Anytime you are encouraged not to inspire one another; anytime you are nudged not to support one another; anytime you are separated from the spiritual covering God has planted you amongst… and anytime you get to a point where no one elses’ opinion matter but your own voice…. This is a litmus test for TROUBLE LURKING.

Today, I celebrate all of my friends who have taught me either in a subtle way or loud way (knowingly or unknowingly) to be strong, bold, and have pushed me to yet another level. Whatever lessons I carry with me… it is simply because of you… Thank you.

It is my prayer today that we all discern what seasons we are in; remove our hands when it is GOD actually saying to (but make sure it is GOD saying that and not our disobedience voice); Stand firm when GOD says to; Recognize greatness when God has freely planted it in our midst; respect those who God has called to cover us spiritually (regardless of whatever gifting or lack thereof we may perceive) but most importantly, SEEK GOD IN ALL OF OUR ENDEAVOR.

Half the unhappiness in life comes from people being afraid to go straight at things.
– William J. Lock.

Love you all and be blessed,

Princess Fumi Hancock
The Princess in Suburbia Show

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