Sunday, August 3, 2014

Red Carpet For New International Film~Janice Malone for The Tennessee Tribune~Princess Fumi Hancock, Cast & Movie Making their way to the 2014 African Oscar Award Show in Beverly Hills, CA

Princess Fumi Hancock: Be Inspired, Be Motivated,  Be Empowered and Fueled today by my life story; "NEVER LET ANYONE STOP YOU FROM FULFILLING YOUR DESTINY. PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS TRY TO PLACE ROAD BLOCKS IN YOUR PATH!"

They will tell you, you are not good enough... they will try to place marks of failure on the work of your hands. But look up to the sky, the author and finisher of your faith. He is the only one who has the final say in your life!" Family and supporters, Of Sentimental Value moving forward... another coverage here in Nashville TN by Janice Malone for The Tennessee Tribune, Caption reads: "Red Carpet for New International Film" We are so blessed....

It's COUNTDOWN....Get ready to watch our "SOLD OUT" Red Carpet Event live, AUGUST 9, 2014 6 DAYS from now:

A little taste of Kim Duke Neal as "Fanta", Richard Neal as "Jake" and the Princess of Suburbia, Fumi Hancock rocking the set!

"Naiya" played by Beatrice Gatebuke and  Aleta Myles "Siberia Tonka".. On the Set of, Of Sentimental Value.

Did you know that Of Sentimental Value is nominated for several 2014 NAFCA African Oscar Award?
---African Oscar, Peoples Choice Award~ Favorite Screenwriter~Princess Fumi Wins!

Here are our nominations:
-----Peoples' Choice Best Trailer
----Peoples' Choice Best Original Music Scoring

And now:
----Best Diaspora Drama
---Best Make Up
---Malik Yoba, nominated for Best Actor in Foreign Film

September 13, 2014, we attend the African Oscar in Beverly Hills... For more information:

More News:
The Princess in Suburbia Lifestyle TV Show has been nominated for the 2014 NAFCA African Oscar Award. Get ready to experience the event, on Red Carpet interviews by the Princess of Suburbia Herself, Princess Fumi Hancock.!live-feed-from-the-nafca-african-oscars/c23h7

Get Ready for the Book Launch, Of Sentimental Value, the Novel~A Dramatic Suspense:


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