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The Impact of Joining a Support Group for Authors ~ by Fumi Hancock

Hello Everyone:

This morning, one of my pals at Wanda Hartzenberg - Wanda's Amazing Reviewers - "i was just looking at Teen Fantasy on amazon, Jason Ellis is #9 ! Ella James is #10 , Alivia Anders is #11 and Fumi Hancock is #14!" posted by Kim Culbertson.
I quickly dashed off to Amazon to take a look... Low and behold, there stands The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra's Nest at #14!

Today, I am so grateful for having online friends who are totally selfless...caring... compassionate, dedicated and committed to each others' success! If Kim had not checked , I probably wouldn't have known... I hereby dub Wanda's Amazing Reviewers.. Wanda's Magic Wonder Group... --)) Lol.

Thank you friends for caring enough. Here, you go:

Again, thank you all for your support. And if you have not gotten the chance to pick up your copy of my book, please do so...

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CASTING CALL for A REAL WOMAN & MAN with an Inspiring Story!

RE-LAUNCHING FROM SCRATCH TV - An Online Inspirational TV Programming ------ DEC, 2012

 Hello Everyone,

 My name is Fumi Hancock, some know me as Dr. Fumi Stephanie Hancock. I am the founder and President of Adassa Adumori Foundation, Inc; a US based 501(c) 3 Organization based in Tennessee, USA and currently doing work in Africa. I am also a columnist for Mental Health Issues and Inspirational Nuggets for "The New American Times", a Newspaper serving African Immigrants in Middle Tennessee.

Just recently, I published my first Young Adult Novel, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra's Nest.
On November 16 & 17, 2012, it ranked #4 on Amazon's Best seller List: Teens- Horror category. In addition, I will be your host for this programming. Whew! Just a busy life.

What is From Scratch TV?
"The greatest gift you can give yourself is to change your life by unleashing your inner passion. You can transform your life of struggle into success." - Fumi

2008 marked an incredible year of transformation for me. Prior to that, while I had been successful as a Social Worker and a Registered Nurse; I was not content. I had a driving force inside of me constantly reminding me that I was meant for something greater; though brutal life occurrences always reminded me that I would probably not change my status in life.

When 2008 came around, I was ready. I was desperate! I was eager and certainly determined to make a change. Only I just didn't know how.  So when the opportunity to return back home for the coronation of a dear cousin (BY GOD'S GRACE MY SECOND FATHER) as the king in my community (Emure Kingdom, Ekiti State) became tangible; I was filled with mixed emotions. Prior to that, i had not been home in over 25 years; I was no longer sure how I was going to be received by those I'd left behind. I was scared of the unknown. However, my desperation was push enough to pack my bags and off I went to Africa.

Ladies and gentlemen, my life changed! I came back to the United States with a clear vision, mission and goal of what I needed to be doing. I became totally committed to the transformation process and just let things take their course.

My trip reminded me of who I was... I was an AFRICAN PRINCESS! More so, I was meant to be great! I was not meant to live a life of mediocrity which had become my MO in the US. I WAS CREATED TO BE A SOLUTION AND NOT A PROBLEM!

My trip to AFRICA changed my life in such a way that I became convinced that I could no longer do business as usual in the US.

My passion to serve my people in Africa has not quenched since then. In fact, it has become more insatiable. Today, my life is fulfilled when one of my children in AFRICA is able to attend school because of the scholarship the Adassa Adumori Foundation (AAF) provides; I am elated when a small business owner is able to fend for his or her family because of AAF provision of small business loans to further his or her entrepreneurial venture; I am excited when our African children are able to sit in a state of the art library and are able to study to compete with other kids in other parts of the world, this 21st century; I am excited when a Medical Center can say thank you for helping to decrease the child mortality rate amongst preemies delivered due to AAF reaching out to provide medical equipments & supplies.

It is with this excitement that I share this concept: FROM SCRATCH TV to our audience. This is an online inspirational programming , featuring Ordinary Heroes achieving Extraordinary Purpose, regardless of adversities.  These are powerful stories of people triumphing over adversities and transforming oneself FROM SCRATCH, (be it in the world of business, personal growth or health wise). IT CELEBRATES ALL OF HUMAN EXISTENCE AS SUCCESSFUL VENTURES even when failure steers directly at one.

FROM SCRATCH TV will inspire, motive, empower our audience to greatness that they already are. It will cause her audience to explore Their given talents and gifts, pick up the pieces (where applicable) and do it all over again.Because our audience are from different backgrounds, we encourage ALL to send in their 2-3 mins video featuring how they have transformed their lives, in particular how they have changed someone's life.  Selected videos will be featured on our website and facebook.


Send information to:  or

We await all of your mailings.

Thank you.

Fumi Hancock
HOST, From Scratch TV

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