About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. My name is Fumi Stephanie Hancock. This is my personal story and journey to rebuilding my life as well as a kingdom, located in the heart of the Western Region of Africa.

As I share my life stories, my experiences - victories, successes and challenges; It is my sincere hope that this journey will impact you and cause you to want to make a difference in your lives as well as others, in particular the underprivileged, be it in Africa my first homeland or in your immediate environment, case in point the United Staes of America my second home.

As citizens of the universe, we are called to be change makers, regardless of how unprepared we may think we are. 

The greatest accomplishment in my life thus far besides raising my wonderful children, and ofcourse WRITING (the purpose of my blog) is reaching out to other children in Africa and helping them, one child at a time, one family at a time, one nation at a time ... empowering them to be all they are destined to be.
Prior to 2008, and as with many people, my 25 years in America  was riddled with questions and disatisfaction about life. ..hunting questions as to what I truly was created to be. I knew I was good at writing; as I had written some inspirational books: BEYOND IDOL WORSHIP and  STARTING RIGHT NOW!. I would go as far as claiming that some people called me a "woman" of wisdom. Arh! Blind bats --). 

 Unknown to others,  I battled not understanding my path in life: I had chosen a path which seemed practically impossible to achieve in the US--WRITING FOR YOUNG ADULTS!  In frustration and with a bitter divorce (which need I say, almost destroyed my life) behind me- I had nothing left but THE VOICES IN MY HEAD SCREAMING TO COME OUT AND PLAY.

In the advent of my divorce, I painstakingly dropped my pen and focused on caring for my 2 boys as a single mother. Through the tumultous years, I felt unfulfilled and desperately needed something to change.
In the midst of this personal turmoil, my father called me to inform me of my cousin's coronation to the throne in emure kingdom. Prior to then, I had not seen my homeland in 23 - 24 years!  Dad felt it was time to come home, to reconnect with my royal roots. Not fully understanding what this meant,  I packed my bags and off I went  to Africa!

To my surprise, I received a royal welcome by the community I had left years back; hence humbly reclaiming my royal title as one of the community's princess --).

My experience while joyful was also heart wrenching. What moved me the most was my people's relentless resolve to thrive in the face of great poverty and intense hardship.
My life has not been the same since then! While many people may assume that being born into a royal family means there is a lot of money to solve a community's social and economic problems, the reality is that poverty is a global problem requiring a global intervention
On this historical journey back to Africa, I vowed that I will never again come back to America my second home without bringing much needed awareness to  the plight of the wonderful people , in particular the children I have met through my life journey... from the US to the heart of Africa .....
So much ( wonderful events) has happened since 2008 when  I first visited. Amazingly, on a journey which began with much uncertainties, I FOUND MY TRUE CALLING! ... to restore hope to a world void of hope ... to  be the conduit to impact a community and indeed a nation

MY VEHICLES of CHANGE: PHILANTROPY & WRITING! I AM BACK WRITING ONCE AGAIN! And my youthful characters are bouyant more than ever! Their experiences across the globe will tell tales of my young adults living life the best way they can.

My journey to rediscovering my CHARACTERS via way of AFRICA has allowed the voices  (characters) in my head to jump right out and into the pages of my writing and I cannot wait to share my "friends" with you.
When I am not writing or visiting my children in AFRICA, I host an Online Inspirational TV Programming. Just recently interviewed the AMBASSADOR to African Union, Her Excellency, Amina Ali. Enjoy...(www.fromscratchtv.com)


I invite fellow writers, Young Adult novel readers, bloggers to come away with me. Let's explore these unique characters and see where their journey takes us.... I PROMISE THAT YOU WILL LAUGH... SOMETIMES CRY... SOMETIMES BE SPOOKED... AND SOMETIMES... Oh well, we shall all see.
I share this blog with you to show you what the power of persistence can offer. While I gently welcome these characters to your world; I also invite you to please join me in makng a greater impact in Africa; as there are lots of things yet undone. Distance is not a barrier!

I AM CURRENTLY FINISHING MY FIRST YOUNG ADULT URBAN FANTASY NOVEL: Hydra's Nest. I anticipate this having a sequel.....Can't wait to share it with you all.

Here are some ways you can reach me:

Website: http://www.facebook.com/FumiStefanieHancock

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Website: http://www.adassafoundation.org

Website: http://www.fromscratchtv.com

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/fumihancock (COMING SOON!)


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If you are a Publisher or are interested in inviting me to a speaking engagement, please send an email to: fumihancock@yahoo.com