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Dreams, Visions, Goals, Missions, and the Power of Focus~ Bestselling Author- FUMI HANCOCK Speaks Out...

This morning, I woke up thinking about "Dreams, Visions, Goals, Missions and the Power of Focus", I reminisced on the interview I had with a wonderful young man in Nigeria on his radio show (Olowokande, Dayo). The title was:" Your Dream Will take on Your Belief and Focus!"

What is your belief about your aspiration this morning? Do you allow your present circumstances to dictate it or do you trust God at his words and still move through the hardship of life towards it? What is your dream today and what are your aspirations? Do you have enough faith to back it up even when society or your surrounding is screaming "No! Not you! It can never happen to you?"

Be encouraged today and know that it doesn't matter what man says, if God says it... it is finished! settled! completed! The participation needed is YOURS not that of your nay sayers! Do you know that something good can still come out of that unbearable circumstances... do you know that something great can still come out of the country you are living right now? You are a powerful force to contend with, that is why all hell has broken loose around you... You carry your creator's gene pool... the vision for the world, you are powerful... you are resilient... YOU ARE.

A wonderful brother, Olaseni, Peters... Blessed me last night by reminding me of who I was, God's mission through me in Africa and abroad and the responsibility I bear to ensure that I carry "this vision" to term with no abortion! That goes for you too! Get ready to birth your vision, in-spite of... When God give you a vision, he didn't tell you it will never happen because you don't have the money! Or because of where you were born this will never happen! HE SIMPLY GAVE YOU THE VISION! So all you need do is move in obedience and allow him to sort the rest out. FAVOR WILL TAKE YOU WHERE MONEY WILL NEVER TAKE YOU. Be blessed today as you move into your destiny and place of honor today... and don't forget to subscribe to my tv show: The Princess in Suburbia
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

From Amazon Bestselling Author~Fumi Hancock~Lesson Learned Today~It is not Your Speech but Your Actions that Will Change Your Environment....

Lesson learned today: It is not your speech but your actions that will change your environment. A simple act of acknowledgement will go a long way.... lesson learned from a precious soul today"-- Dr. FUMI HANCOCK

This morning, I woke up to a wonderful note from a precious soul Bola Adu, a young man I had never met yet thought it fit to share with me how a simple act of kindness, acknowledgement and generosity have changed his life. It is my prayer that as I share this with you, regardless of who you are... the world's best teacher, peoples' greatest preacher or a prolific writer, or even a well noted politician, these words will cause you to move as this simple act have dramatically changed Bola's life, business wise and personal wise.

Our actions or in-actions can cause people to stumble or cause them to rise and be who God has called them to be.... While we don't necessarily owe everyone our indebted gratitude (in particular those we have concluded are mere litchis who just know how to take and don't know how to give anything in return); we must know how to treat others with dignity and respect.

Remember, people are watching your ACTIONS AND NOT YOUR SPEECH! "Don't tell me how much you care, show me by simple acknowledgement. Perhaps if you acknowledged me, what you have been looking for, you never know.. i may be the answer"-- Thought to think about today.

Thank you Bola Adu, I am touched by your letter this morning. Equally glad that I was able to effect a change in your environment by simply responding to your message. A great lesson learned from you today. You have inspired me to even do better in this area. Ok, two days in a roll of people asking me about Nigerian politics.... ummmmm. -- Let's Go Innovate President, Amazon Bestselling Author- The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell (Check it out on Amazon) Princess Fumi Hancock.

Enjoy the note from Bola Adu
"Well done ma,the lord is ur strength,hmm since the day I had an encounter with u on facebook I was challenged with the quick response from u irrespective of the zero level of relationship,u reply my mail like that of Nigerian politician will do while campaigning for an election, like someone indebted to despite ur busy schedule u took ur time to compose that long txt.ha! Even me nobody,I used to have several tens of messages unattended to,but no more after that day, I started treating those reasonable messages and issues and its really helping my business.this is a multidimensional testimony and I'm seeing the multiplier effects in my entire life. I Pray u will not die unfulfilled in Jesus name".

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Ep17Princess in Suburbia~FUMI Nigerian & her "Great White Prince" love o...

With love, from the Princess in Suburbia, FUMI HANCOCK and her "Great White Prince" (who practices speaking the Yoruba language)~ A big Thank You to Fans, Friends, Family & a Big Announcement!