Sunday, June 30, 2013

From Amazon Bestselling Author ~a Nigerian Princess living in Diaspora, Fumi Hancock comes a riveting story based in South Africa

Words are not enough to thank all my friends, family members, fellow authors, reviewers, bloggers... and all those inbetween...(lol) who have helped nourished my writing career and have taught me what true friendship is and what the power of collaboration can do. Because of you, I am able to fly and soar again as a writer. A genre I never dream't I could accomplish anything in (Young Adult) ... YOU MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE FOR ME TO STAND TALL! As I reminiscence over it all... I THANK YOU SO MUCH. I AM GRATEFUL.. You may not have heard from me recently but you are all always in my thoughts. It is my prayer for you today that YOU WILL ACHIEVE in all of your endeavors.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ep16 Princess in Suburbia USA & Amazon Bestselling Author,FUMI HANCOCK from the Adumori Nigerian Royality opens up the family vault

In the advent of her celebrating her Wedding Vows with Hubby, Dr. David Hancock, The Princess in Suburbia, ( Princess Fumi Hancock is feeling home sick today... appreciating her royal roots and thanking God for her country, her community where her family currently governs. and her people in EMURE Kingdom (Ekiti State, Nigeria).

You are loved and cherished. I urge you to be proud of who you are and where God has planted you. It is this attitude which will draw greatness to you. Thank you for reaching out to me relentlessly and letting me know that I do matter to you.

May God hear my prayers over you all this morning and may He grant us the know how and resources to make a difference in our communities. I pray over my royal father, his Royal Majesty, King Emmanuel Adebayo this morning.... Love you all....always thinking about you and praying for you.... President, Let's Go Innovate (


Friday, June 21, 2013

US ranks # 1 and Nigeria # 2 as countries which view The Princess in Suburbia TV Show Episodes

Hello Everyone, Words are not enough to thank all of The Princess in Suburbia well wishers and supporters. Tonight, it came to my attention that The Princess in Suburbia TV Show is highly rated in the US. This episode in particular was highly rated amongst our viewers in the past weeks. Not only that: United States of America which originally ranked as the #10 country who watch the Princess in Suburbia has become the #1 country. Here is our line up as of today: United States
-Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, New York
# 2 Nigeria
# 3 Britain
# 4 Germany
# 5 Canada
# 6 Malaysia

Wow! Nigeria # 2--- I am totally grateful.

As the Princess in Suburbia, PRINCESS FUMI HANCOCK, President of Let's Go Innovate on behalf of Let's Go Innovate & her CEO, Yolanda Shields... we thank you so deeply. Please stay tuned as The Princess in Suburbia spuns new episodes.... on its way. Though this episode talked about our past conference, there are nuggets of wisdom you may still garner from.... I share this episode with you once again. Please pass it on to others and also pick up other episodes at:;;;

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Princess Fumi Hancock
Princess in Suburbia TV Show