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REALITY SHOW #4 ~~ AFRICA REPRESENTED WELL.... Back down memory lane: And the African Oscar goes to.... FUMI HANCOCK

REALITY SHOW #4 ~~ AFRICA REPRESENTED WELL.... Back down memory lane: And the African Oscar goes to.... 

Walahhhh! The Executive Producer, Of Sentimental Value Princess Fumi Hancock celebrates with Producer of African Oscar winning movie, Angel and the Mailman.... Producer of our upcoming movie.. Ms Chichi Njoku... at the Warner Theatres, Washington DC September 2013. It was a marvelous night. KUDOS TO CHICHI NJOKU AND HER TEAM FOR A JOB WELL DONE. Be on the look out for he full interview... on: THE PRINCESS IN SUBURBIA SHOW... Grimmlyn Series by Fumi Hancock)
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New Season, New Vision, New Twist:

Vision Torch ~The Princess in Suburbia Lifestyle TV Show: JANUARY 2014
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Vision Torch, The Princess in Suburbia Radio Show is launching in Africa: February 2014 -
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Igniting Dreams, Harnessing Visions for Show Biz

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Life Lesson # 4 from MY Wisdom Vault: 

"TAKE A STAND FOR GREATNESS AND SQUASH MEDIOCRITY IN YOUR LIFE!"~ By Author of Bestselling Book, Filmmaker (Of Sentimental Value, 2014, Philanthropist (adassa adumori foundation) & President of Let's Go Innovate~ Princess Fumi Hancock, Ph.D.

Today, I began to ponder on that phrase, "Take A Stand For Greatness!" How can we accomplish this as we move into 2014? How can we move beyond our own complacency? How can we move beyond lack of focus and begin to push to birth our destinies and vision?

Here a quick tips I find to be interesting for those who dare to deliver/birth their purpose, regardless of what career path or field you are in:
(1) When confused, go back to the drawing board and stick to the original plan;
(2) Regardless of how impossible the situation may seem, don't you ever give up;
(3) Always attach your dream to a great cause; that way, when things get tough, you are able to remind yourself of what is at stake;
(4) Above all else, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART!

I leave you with these two thoughts from two great men:
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure- Bill Cosby

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts - Winston Churchill. (Courtesy of Brainyquote)

If you have not picked up your copy of Your Vision Torch, try it this season:

Princess Fumi .S. Hancock, M.A., Ph.D.
Bestselling Author, Filmmaker, TV/Radio Host & Philanthropist


Over 2.2 Million viewings: The Princess in Suburbia: An Online Innovative Lifestyle TV Show


New Season, New Vision, New Twist:

Vision Torch ~The Princess in Suburbia Lifestyle TV Show: JANUARY 2014
Igniting Dreams, Harnessing Visions for Show Biz

Vision Torch, The Princess in Suburbia Radio Show is launching in Africa: February 2014 -
Kapital FM 92.9
Igniting Dreams, Harnessing Visions for Show Biz

New Book Off the Press: Available on
Your Vision Torch~ An Innovator’s Prescription to Igniting Your Dreams & Harnessing Your Vision.

The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra’s Nest: Amazon Bestseller

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Life Lesson # 3 from MY Wisdom Vault ~ From Bestselling Author & Filmmaker FUMI HANCOCK

Life Lesson # 3 from MY Wisdom Vault:
Beware of "Vision Pirates" by Princess Fumi Hancock, Ph.D.: The Toughest Blog I have ever had to write… I pray it blesses someone today. First, I want to thank all who have sent my new book promo across globe. The numbers show, I am humbled and indeed grateful. Please keep the love coming. It is my prayer that this book will truly be a blessing to you as the tools therein has really blessed me too. It is a labor of love I sincerely share with you all.

So, on to Life Lesson # 3. I woke up yesterday with a phrase on my mind, "Beware of Vision Pirates!"~ they are gifts that keep on giving if given the chance.  While I have heard of the word "Vision" and "Pirates"; I have never heard both used in the same phrase. My spirit was disturbed and I spent this morning trying to figure out what it all means.  Webster defines a pirate as a person " who attacks and robs ships at sea". Wow! Another meaning, is a "person who uses or reproduces another's work for profit without permission." "Vision" is therefore defined as the "faculty or state of being able to see". A vision is essentially "your sight" states webster dictionary. Who then is a Vision Pirate? One who sits on the sideline, waits for the best opportunity to steal an idea, a concept, a person's life work… a dream killer as such, a dream rogue! These callous people do so at the expense of others because their eyes are solely on satisfying their own immediate needs. They prey on anyone, including those who choose to open their lives to them!

These past months, I have learnt a lot about the capacity of human beings…. as smart as we are… as dedicated as we may seem… as committed as we may be perceived, there is something often innate in some… their ability to tear down what they may have been a part of creating. 

In the advent of several occurrences in my life, from the shooting of my first feature film, Of Sentimental Value (Release:, the launch of a coaching company (Let's Go Innovate:; the launching of my inspirational book, Your Vision Torch: An Innovator's Prescription for Igniting Your Dreams & Harnessing Your Vision:
); to the preparation of my second season with The Princess in Subsurbia TV Show: ; sadly I have
come to understand that there are many Vision Pirates around, if we look closely.  As good stewards of the vision God has given us, we must be diligent to ensure that our circle of influence is not infested by those who look right, sound right, say the right words, pretend to be one thing while they are really another…all for the sole purpose of benefiting themselves, at your expense!

My hard questions to you today: (1) Are you a Vision Pirate lurking in the dark for your next prey? (2) or are you a Vision Pirate helper?-- One who simply looks at other peoples' ideas and pawn them off to someone else? (3) Or are you a victim of a Vision Pirate or his/her helper? "The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves" - William Penn.

This is a tough discourse; one I pray that as we venture into next year, we truly access our life luggage and take a stand for who we will choose to be next year. .. a selfish soul, a callous one, or one who is brave enough to stand for all that is truth and pure! If you are in any of the above categories, hope is not lost. The key is truly realizing the errors of our ways and turning for the better. Acknowledging our wrong is the first step to realizing our Vision. And truth is the torch towards your vision. While I can't call myself a victim, this much I know that moving into 2014, I have to do things better… When my gut speaks, I MUST OBEY! I know I have to clean my circle of influence (thankfully, some are already falling out by their own choice) and take steps in bringing more purity into my core, as painful as it may be.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO MOVING INTO 2014? WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO TRULY ASSESS WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH in 2014? It all begins with the truth! It begins with taking off the blinders and first seeing your role in all that surrounds you; then moving into the arena of truth with those you have aligned with…. I wish you all the best as you stand for truth and as you use it as a torch for 2014 Vision for your life.

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Ep. 24 Your Vision Torch, Igniting Your Dreams with Bestselling Author, Princess in Suburbia~Fumi H

Hello Everyone, November 2013 marked a very significant time in my life... I had the privilege of not only commemorating the graduation ceremony of the Nigerian Police Force Chaplains in Abuja, Nigeria; more importantly, I was able to witness firsthand the impact this book, YOUR VISION TORCH could have on individuals as well as in the government & political sectors (as I literally watched a change in mind-set across the conference room during the leadership training). I am so excited to bring to you wisdom nuggets which have changed my life and helped to steer my vision through this year. I share with you my labor of love and ask that you consider picking up a copy...

MAKE A DEFINITE DECISION TO TAKE A STAND FOR YOUR FREEDOM... by picking up a copy of this book, you are getting ready for a life changing experience. You can quote me on that! THE FIRST STEP IS YOURS TO TAKE.

YOUR VISION TORCH PROMO - Princess in Suburbia, Let's Go Innovate President, Bestselling Author & Filmmaker - Of Sentimental Value (2014). Thank you.

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A NIGERIAN BESTSELLING AUTHOR, HOST OF TV TALK SHOW, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. SCREENWRITER & AN AFRICAN PRINCESS DOES IT AGAIN IN THE US: WATCH OUT World, here they come... my leading actors & actresses in an upcoming feature film "Of Sentimental Value"~ Princess Fumi Hancock, Host of The Princess in Suburbia TV Show,  president of Let's Go Innovate and Bestselling Author of YA, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell. Featuring: Malik Yoba~Actor in New York Undercover, Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?; Tommy "Tiny" Lister as Deebo on Friday, Africa's Golden Boy, John Dumelo, Nollywood's seasoned actor, Vitalis Ndubuisi, Congo's heart throb and lead actor in the Africa's Academy Award Movie Viva Riva Pasha Bay; Richard Neal X90 Challenge winner, Aleta Myles the L'Oprah of Nashville Tennessee, our Bollywood representative Inder Kumar, Spanish represented by Jessica Garza. Like our page: and follow or tweet with us at: A Comedic Drama where Hollywood, Nollywood & Bollywood collide!


From Author ~ FUMI HANCOCK of the Adventures of Jewel Cardwell comes another Book. This time, it's inspirational & success strategy: All successful people are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their vision, goal and / or purpose ~ Brian Tracy. What are you doing to make your dreams happen? Let me show you how to put feet to your vision~ YOUR VISION TORCH- An Innovator's Prescription For Igniting Your Dreams and Harnessing Your Vision ~ A candid look and guide to help lay down the plan, in simple terms. Get Your Copy Today!  ~ Dr Fumi Hancock, The Princess inSuburbiatv, Let's Go Innovate from Innovation & Success Coaches President    #inspirational, #Vision Map

(3) Princess Fumi Hancock attends the African Oscars with Chichi Njoku, Producer of the Award winning movie Angel and the Mailman. Check Videos out:

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Let's Go Innovate & Bestselling Author~ Dr. FUMI HANCOCK is interviewed by NTA Int'l. Abuja Nigeria



A little over one week, I buckled up to take a short trip to Abuja, Nigeria (West Africa). I was invited by Dr Peter Olaseni, Universal Truth Bible College in conjunction with the Nigerian Police Force Chaplaincy to speak at their graduation ceremony and also conduct 2 Days intensive Leadership Training. It was awesome. I also launched my new inspirational & business strategy book: Your Vision Torch: An Innovator's Guide to Harnessing Your Vision and Igniting Your Dream. Can be purchased on Amazon. com

In addition, I was interviewed by NTA International.  Topic: Gender Issues in Africa... Enjoy.

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Princess of Suburbia attends the African Oscars w/ Nominated Movie Produ...

Hello Everyone... Great and exciting news....The Princess of Suburbia, PRINCESS FUMI HANCOCK will be walking the red carpet on the African Oscars Award Night this coming Weekend SEPTEMBER, 14 2013. Warner theatres Washington D.C. alongside a young Nollywood/Hollywood Movie Producer~ CHICHI MOVIES~ Movie: Angel and the Mailman nominated for an African Oscar Award... Pretty excited about it. PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR YOUR GAL~ PRINCESS FUMI HANCOCK by subscribing at: and /or watching my endorsement for the African Oscars. It promises to be a fun night surrounded by some hollywood actors and actresses as well as the Nollywood industry. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment with me. MAKING MY HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT AFTER THE AFRICAN OSCARS. STAY TUNED




Have you ever heard a word from a person and you were so certain they missed it? You just knew it was not meant for you and it was dead wrong? Well, brace yourself… glean from my personal life experience. Tough but necessary lesson to learn. I pray this blesses someone today and thrusts ONE PERSON to their destiny…. Thank you for reading my long wisdom nugget….

“Oh Lord, let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, my Lord and my redeemer. Amen.”

A little over a month ago, I received a call from a friend, a prayer partner I had lost contact with for almost 13 years! We were so glad we found each other again and thanked God for reuniting us. Here is why, she and I were prayer partners. Our meetings were always about lifting each other up, edifying, and ofcourse sometimes rebuking because we cared deeply for each other. Here we were again, over 13 years later…she found me!

I should have known God was up to something. You see, MARY is a prayer warrior… one who sees before things happen (a phenomenon which may not be familiar to some of you reading this but please indulge me). In fact, she foresaw my meeting with my husband 3 months before I met him and a host of other things she’d shared with me.  We picked up from where we’d left off…PRAYING WITH ONE ANOTHER AND FOR EACH OTHER.

Well, I had almost forgotten the spiritual gift this precious lady had. Barely three weeks ago, she began to share with me what she saw in the spirit; 3 things, two of which will be revealed in the fullness of time. 1 I truly feel inclined to share with those who would care to read this message. Oh my, it was a warning I was not ready to receive…Her words, “Sorry sister but God is getting ready to shift your sphere of influence. Unfortunately, there are people around you who will be instantly removed; some will remove themselves because they no longer belong there and sadly they believe they are doing you a favor… few will remove themselves for lack of disobedience.. Sorry sister… get ready to be surprised by the very few you think you know… Get ready.” When I heard that, my heart sunk… I found my head quickly going over my circle as I know it was not that many… My instant reaction to that word was…”I have not seen her in over 13 years, something has definitely happened to her… She has missed this one and she has missed it BIG TIME!” Needless to say, I DID NOT RECEIVE THE WORD! I thanked her and quickly got off the phone. In fact, the very first thought to me was she was probably now jealous of the new friends God had brought into my life. Then another thought was, she doesn’t even know them and has not even stepped her feet where I currently reside.

In my quiet moments, God began to remind me of all she’d spoken into my life before…God reminded me of who she was in my life before my life today as I know it…God began to remind me all of her support in the past; how she’d stayed up late when I was in trouble… God reminded me of how she was there in my rough times… GOD REMINDED ME of her heart…and fear gripped me most when one of the other two things she’d spoken happened just as she said… TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE PRAYER. I had to pay attention! Then the bottom dropped in MARY’s ABSENCE and what she’d said to me unraveled!

Why am I sharing this today? I share this because I truly believe we all can learn few lessons from other peoples’ mistakes. When GOD places people in our paths… we must carefully weigh the circumstances. When we are confused, we must go back to the core of what we know of that person and then ALLOW the Holy Spirit to do the peeling….The message may not always be what we want to hear just as in my case… but we must heed as GOD HAS NOT CALLED US TO GO IT ALONE. Often, when we are in the thrust of situation and we so desperately want something, we may not see what others will see. I certainly didn’t see few things coming. Or in my case, I ignored it all.

Here are the lessons I came away with:
(1) Where God may be getting ready to take you, not everyone will go there with you as much as you’d love to carry everyone along;
(2) There are people whose role is to come into your life for a short period—and they either remove themselves through no fault of yours or God indeed removes them;
(3) There are those who have been called to mentor or inspire or motivate, caution and persuade, provide a edge of protection even when you don’t think you need it, don;t ignore them, value them.. they are precious gems;
(4) Understand that as much as you may love people, there are those who will only support when things are fine in their own lives and will retrieve when things are not, accept and move on;
(5) Not everyone will appreciate the spiritual gifting you have been given and it may be loathed when it brings about conviction and a required change of heart;
(6) Anytime you are encouraged not to inspire one another; anytime you are nudged not to support one another; anytime you are separated from the spiritual covering God has planted you amongst… and anytime you get to a point where no one elses’ opinion matter but your own voice…. This is a litmus test for TROUBLE LURKING.

Today, I celebrate all of my friends who have taught me either in a subtle way or loud way (knowingly or unknowingly) to be strong, bold, and have pushed me to yet another level. Whatever lessons I carry with me… it is simply because of you… Thank you.

It is my prayer today that we all discern what seasons we are in; remove our hands when it is GOD actually saying to (but make sure it is GOD saying that and not our disobedience voice); Stand firm when GOD says to; Recognize greatness when God has freely planted it in our midst; respect those who God has called to cover us spiritually (regardless of whatever gifting or lack thereof we may perceive) but most importantly, SEEK GOD IN ALL OF OUR ENDEAVOR.

Half the unhappiness in life comes from people being afraid to go straight at things.
– William J. Lock.

Love you all and be blessed,

Princess Fumi Hancock
The Princess in Suburbia Show

BESTSELLING BOOK: The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell

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Amazon Bestselling Author, LGI President & Princess of Suburbia Renews her Vows to Dr David Hancock

Hello Everyone, 

I want to take this time to thank everyone who attended our wedding renewal in August, 2013. Words are not enough to thank you all for showing your love. YOUR PRESENCE at the wedding meant the world to us. YOUR ACT OF LOVE SHOWS YOU CARE and that YOU WOULD GO THE EXTRA MILE TO GRACE OUR LIVES WITH YOUR LOVE AND CARE.... Thank you. To all of my divas, Carnethia Wright, Ericka M. Osler, Lydia Taylor, Yolanda Conley Shields; our daughters, Holly & Marlee, our sons, Mola Thompson & Bola Thompson who worked hard in ensuring a successful day for us... Esé Morrison, ofcourse, our Event Planner Extraordinary, Patience Adegoke...highly recommended by us. and we certainly do not want to leave out our Officiating Minister, Olivia Precious Cooper (Many are called, sadly very few truly walk their talk). We obeyed the voice of God and chose one who was divinely ordained for the day and God showed up.... my sister indeed Princess Tope Akinkuotu, King Emmanuel Adebayo who showed his presence by way of his message all the way from Nigeria.... and lots ...lots more... Get ready for more pictures on the way. To those who were at the ceremony, please expect a private email from us shortly. We love you and are indeed overwhelmed by all who showed up at the event. Life is not about how much one spends on friendship but how we choose to reflect the friendship in ACT and DEEDS... True friendship starts with compassion and mutual respect for all which concerns the other.... and caring enough to take the extra mile. 

YOU ALL DID and for this we are grateful. THANK YOU and LOVE YOU.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dreams, Visions, Goals, Missions, and the Power of Focus~ Bestselling Author- FUMI HANCOCK Speaks Out...

This morning, I woke up thinking about "Dreams, Visions, Goals, Missions and the Power of Focus", I reminisced on the interview I had with a wonderful young man in Nigeria on his radio show (Olowokande, Dayo). The title was:" Your Dream Will take on Your Belief and Focus!"

What is your belief about your aspiration this morning? Do you allow your present circumstances to dictate it or do you trust God at his words and still move through the hardship of life towards it? What is your dream today and what are your aspirations? Do you have enough faith to back it up even when society or your surrounding is screaming "No! Not you! It can never happen to you?"

Be encouraged today and know that it doesn't matter what man says, if God says it... it is finished! settled! completed! The participation needed is YOURS not that of your nay sayers! Do you know that something good can still come out of that unbearable circumstances... do you know that something great can still come out of the country you are living right now? You are a powerful force to contend with, that is why all hell has broken loose around you... You carry your creator's gene pool... the vision for the world, you are powerful... you are resilient... YOU ARE.

A wonderful brother, Olaseni, Peters... Blessed me last night by reminding me of who I was, God's mission through me in Africa and abroad and the responsibility I bear to ensure that I carry "this vision" to term with no abortion! That goes for you too! Get ready to birth your vision, in-spite of... When God give you a vision, he didn't tell you it will never happen because you don't have the money! Or because of where you were born this will never happen! HE SIMPLY GAVE YOU THE VISION! So all you need do is move in obedience and allow him to sort the rest out. FAVOR WILL TAKE YOU WHERE MONEY WILL NEVER TAKE YOU. Be blessed today as you move into your destiny and place of honor today... and don't forget to subscribe to my tv show: The Princess in Suburbia
; join our group: (FOR MY AFRICAN KINGS & QUEENS) check out my bestselling young adult novel: The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell:
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God bless. Fumi Stefanie Hancock Let's Go Innovate: we are a delivery incubation where thrones and Kings are birth... President, Princess Fumi Hancock- Let's Go Innovate
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Thank you.
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From Amazon Bestselling Author~Fumi Hancock~Lesson Learned Today~It is not Your Speech but Your Actions that Will Change Your Environment....

Lesson learned today: It is not your speech but your actions that will change your environment. A simple act of acknowledgement will go a long way.... lesson learned from a precious soul today"-- Dr. FUMI HANCOCK

This morning, I woke up to a wonderful note from a precious soul Bola Adu, a young man I had never met yet thought it fit to share with me how a simple act of kindness, acknowledgement and generosity have changed his life. It is my prayer that as I share this with you, regardless of who you are... the world's best teacher, peoples' greatest preacher or a prolific writer, or even a well noted politician, these words will cause you to move as this simple act have dramatically changed Bola's life, business wise and personal wise.

Our actions or in-actions can cause people to stumble or cause them to rise and be who God has called them to be.... While we don't necessarily owe everyone our indebted gratitude (in particular those we have concluded are mere litchis who just know how to take and don't know how to give anything in return); we must know how to treat others with dignity and respect.

Remember, people are watching your ACTIONS AND NOT YOUR SPEECH! "Don't tell me how much you care, show me by simple acknowledgement. Perhaps if you acknowledged me, what you have been looking for, you never know.. i may be the answer"-- Thought to think about today.

Thank you Bola Adu, I am touched by your letter this morning. Equally glad that I was able to effect a change in your environment by simply responding to your message. A great lesson learned from you today. You have inspired me to even do better in this area. Ok, two days in a roll of people asking me about Nigerian politics.... ummmmm. -- Let's Go Innovate President, Amazon Bestselling Author- The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell (Check it out on Amazon) Princess Fumi Hancock.

Enjoy the note from Bola Adu
"Well done ma,the lord is ur strength,hmm since the day I had an encounter with u on facebook I was challenged with the quick response from u irrespective of the zero level of relationship,u reply my mail like that of Nigerian politician will do while campaigning for an election, like someone indebted to despite ur busy schedule u took ur time to compose that long txt.ha! Even me nobody,I used to have several tens of messages unattended to,but no more after that day, I started treating those reasonable messages and issues and its really helping my business.this is a multidimensional testimony and I'm seeing the multiplier effects in my entire life. I Pray u will not die unfulfilled in Jesus name".

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Ep17Princess in Suburbia~FUMI Nigerian & her "Great White Prince" love o...

With love, from the Princess in Suburbia, FUMI HANCOCK and her "Great White Prince" (who practices speaking the Yoruba language)~ A big Thank You to Fans, Friends, Family & a Big Announcement!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

From Amazon Bestselling Author ~a Nigerian Princess living in Diaspora, Fumi Hancock comes a riveting story based in South Africa

Words are not enough to thank all my friends, family members, fellow authors, reviewers, bloggers... and all those inbetween...(lol) who have helped nourished my writing career and have taught me what true friendship is and what the power of collaboration can do. Because of you, I am able to fly and soar again as a writer. A genre I never dream't I could accomplish anything in (Young Adult) ... YOU MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE FOR ME TO STAND TALL! As I reminiscence over it all... I THANK YOU SO MUCH. I AM GRATEFUL.. You may not have heard from me recently but you are all always in my thoughts. It is my prayer for you today that YOU WILL ACHIEVE in all of your endeavors.

All My Love,