Sunday, December 8, 2013

Life Lesson # 3 from MY Wisdom Vault ~ From Bestselling Author & Filmmaker FUMI HANCOCK

Life Lesson # 3 from MY Wisdom Vault:
Beware of "Vision Pirates" by Princess Fumi Hancock, Ph.D.: The Toughest Blog I have ever had to write… I pray it blesses someone today. First, I want to thank all who have sent my new book promo across globe. The numbers show, I am humbled and indeed grateful. Please keep the love coming. It is my prayer that this book will truly be a blessing to you as the tools therein has really blessed me too. It is a labor of love I sincerely share with you all.

So, on to Life Lesson # 3. I woke up yesterday with a phrase on my mind, "Beware of Vision Pirates!"~ they are gifts that keep on giving if given the chance.  While I have heard of the word "Vision" and "Pirates"; I have never heard both used in the same phrase. My spirit was disturbed and I spent this morning trying to figure out what it all means.  Webster defines a pirate as a person " who attacks and robs ships at sea". Wow! Another meaning, is a "person who uses or reproduces another's work for profit without permission." "Vision" is therefore defined as the "faculty or state of being able to see". A vision is essentially "your sight" states webster dictionary. Who then is a Vision Pirate? One who sits on the sideline, waits for the best opportunity to steal an idea, a concept, a person's life work… a dream killer as such, a dream rogue! These callous people do so at the expense of others because their eyes are solely on satisfying their own immediate needs. They prey on anyone, including those who choose to open their lives to them!

These past months, I have learnt a lot about the capacity of human beings…. as smart as we are… as dedicated as we may seem… as committed as we may be perceived, there is something often innate in some… their ability to tear down what they may have been a part of creating. 

In the advent of several occurrences in my life, from the shooting of my first feature film, Of Sentimental Value (Release:, the launch of a coaching company (Let's Go Innovate:; the launching of my inspirational book, Your Vision Torch: An Innovator's Prescription for Igniting Your Dreams & Harnessing Your Vision:
); to the preparation of my second season with The Princess in Subsurbia TV Show: ; sadly I have
come to understand that there are many Vision Pirates around, if we look closely.  As good stewards of the vision God has given us, we must be diligent to ensure that our circle of influence is not infested by those who look right, sound right, say the right words, pretend to be one thing while they are really another…all for the sole purpose of benefiting themselves, at your expense!

My hard questions to you today: (1) Are you a Vision Pirate lurking in the dark for your next prey? (2) or are you a Vision Pirate helper?-- One who simply looks at other peoples' ideas and pawn them off to someone else? (3) Or are you a victim of a Vision Pirate or his/her helper? "The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves" - William Penn.

This is a tough discourse; one I pray that as we venture into next year, we truly access our life luggage and take a stand for who we will choose to be next year. .. a selfish soul, a callous one, or one who is brave enough to stand for all that is truth and pure! If you are in any of the above categories, hope is not lost. The key is truly realizing the errors of our ways and turning for the better. Acknowledging our wrong is the first step to realizing our Vision. And truth is the torch towards your vision. While I can't call myself a victim, this much I know that moving into 2014, I have to do things better… When my gut speaks, I MUST OBEY! I know I have to clean my circle of influence (thankfully, some are already falling out by their own choice) and take steps in bringing more purity into my core, as painful as it may be.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO MOVING INTO 2014? WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO TRULY ASSESS WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH in 2014? It all begins with the truth! It begins with taking off the blinders and first seeing your role in all that surrounds you; then moving into the arena of truth with those you have aligned with…. I wish you all the best as you stand for truth and as you use it as a torch for 2014 Vision for your life.

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