Friday, November 29, 2013

Ep. 24 Your Vision Torch, Igniting Your Dreams with Bestselling Author, Princess in Suburbia~Fumi H

Hello Everyone, November 2013 marked a very significant time in my life... I had the privilege of not only commemorating the graduation ceremony of the Nigerian Police Force Chaplains in Abuja, Nigeria; more importantly, I was able to witness firsthand the impact this book, YOUR VISION TORCH could have on individuals as well as in the government & political sectors (as I literally watched a change in mind-set across the conference room during the leadership training). I am so excited to bring to you wisdom nuggets which have changed my life and helped to steer my vision through this year. I share with you my labor of love and ask that you consider picking up a copy...

MAKE A DEFINITE DECISION TO TAKE A STAND FOR YOUR FREEDOM... by picking up a copy of this book, you are getting ready for a life changing experience. You can quote me on that! THE FIRST STEP IS YOURS TO TAKE.

YOUR VISION TORCH PROMO - Princess in Suburbia, Let's Go Innovate President, Bestselling Author & Filmmaker - Of Sentimental Value (2014). Thank you.

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