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It's Black Friday~ Discount on the #1 (in its' category) Amazon Bsetseller~Of Sentimental Value



Thank you for the add. It is with great pleasure that I announce my two books: Of Sentimental Value (#1 Amazon Bestseller in its category & The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra's Nest (#26 Amazon Bestseller in its category)~

50% Discount going on now at

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#1 on Amazon Bestseller List: Of Sentimental Value~[TIE IN MOVIE]~ By African Oscar & Indiefest Winner~ Princess Fumi Hancock

Great News,

#1 Amazon Bestseller List: Of Sentimental Value
Everyone, I woke up to this great news.... and I thought to share with you all. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT~ As we approach the holiday, will you indulge me today~ BE GOOD TO YOURSELF ~ YOU ARE OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE and never allow anyone to box your dream. Thank you all for belong to make my dreams come true. May I ask that you post your reviews on amazon and take advantage of the 50% off BLACK FRIDAY sale:

For Information on the Movie~ Release in 2015.

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I Couldn't wait to get to the studio to share this! A Special Message to...

#‎Beinspired‬, ‪#‎Bemotivated‬, ‪#‎Beempowered‬, ‪#‎Youarewonderful‬,
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notwhatyourenvironmentdictate, ‪#‎Beofsentimentalvaue‬.
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Love Princess Fumi Hancock~Screenwriter, Author, Speaker,
Transformation Life Coach Check Out Of Sentimental Value the book

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Ep2 Pt2:Self-Hating~A Man's Pespective_YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!

Last Friday, Princess Fumi Hancock, Princess of Suburbia
brought the issue of Self-hating up from a woman's perspective. Her
husband, Dr. David Hancock joins her to explore the same issue from the
perspective of a male figure. It is a Spiritual and Emotional Issue, he
says, Get Ready.

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Self-Hatred Won't Cost A Dime!: A Daring Message to All Women~Author, Screenwriter, & Tranformation Interventionist to Many

 "When you self hate, you self destruct! Self- hate Kills, but Love Heals" ~ Princess Fumi Hancock

Motisha" means "Inspiration in Swahili. Today, Princess Fumi Hancock, The Princess of Suburbia(R), African Oscar Award Winning Screenwriter, Indiefest Film Merit Award & African Heritage Recipient launches a new pad to inspire ALL.

Self hatred~ also called "self loathing". It can be defined as an intense dislike or hostility towards oneself. That is, when someone hates his or herself or perhaps a group to which they belong. Often when this occurs, it points to a degree of inadequacy that person must be experiencing internally, whether true of false.

"When we don't know who to hate, we hate ourselves" ~ Chuck Palahnik

Why would we even dare to  hate... why would we choose to burn all of our energy in hatig yourself or even anyone at that.

So what are the qualities we see on someone who ma be self-hating?
(1) BLAME which often originates from the judgement  that is exploding in their minds, whether true or false to the outside world.
(2) SHAME~ when this sets in, there is no telling what the mind tells the heart. Often, it will being to feed our heart with poisonous beliefs.
(2) Blame and Shame will and can lead to RAGE: By now, the person is totally out of control, destroying him or herself, sabotaging relationships and opportunities.

THE KEY to overcoming self-hate?  Glad you asked. LOVE. Yes, that's right... It's a famous world, L-O-V-E.  Proverbs 8: 36~"all those who hate you love death!: and that's a promise you ca take to the bank and cash in on.

Thanks for reading and watching the series.

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Episode 1:Self-Hatred Won't Cost A Dime But It Will Cost You Your Life! ...

Motisha" means "Inspiration in Swahili. Today, Princess Fumi Hancock, The Princess of Suburbia(R) ,African Oscar Award Winning Screenwriter, Indiefest Film Merit Award & African Heritage Recipient launches a new pad to inspire ALL.

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A Take on My Character Interview ~ "Meet SIBERIA TONKA"~ The African Immigrant in Of Sentimental Value, the Novel and Movie by Princess Fumi Hancock

Character Name. I am a Twenty-something year old African Immigrant, who storms America with a dream of becoming the greatest writer that ever lived! I am bold, tough, sometimes sassy and look nothing like any Hollywood star. My mother always told me how unique and priceless I am. I believe her! But lately, with all of the drama happening around me; getting hit by a car, almost getting kicked out by my landlord, I am beginning to wonder if my dream of becoming the most successful bestselling author will ever happen! To top it all, I have a secret I must protect at all cost…
If you can add a dreamcast pic of the character that would be awesome
Look no further! My name is Aleta Myles…Fans in the theater world call me “L’Oprah” because of a popular skit I did in in Nashville, TN. Now, that I have jumped out of the pages of, Of Sentimental Value, into a movie screen… my dream is finally happening, thanks to the Princess of Suburbia who came my way. The Princess of Suburbia you asked? Then check us both out:; the novel: Oh by the way, did I tell you that the Princess of Suburbia is my idol. See why?
  This is “Me~ Aleta Myles as “Siberia Tonka” (Center) in one of my scenes with my nosy Hispanic neighbors, Jessica Garza as “Jessica” (L) and Rachel Rodgers as “Josie” . Here I go again … with trailing me…
Oh by the way, part of the cast include Malik Yoba, New York Undercover and Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?, Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Bruce Willis counterpart in the 5th Element, Deebo on Friday.


Describe yourself what is your worst and best quality?
Worst ~ I am sometimes just hot headed and snaps at people even hen they are trying to help me. Ask Jessica my nosy neighbor. This is just my way of showing my frustration and will not hesitate to tell you off in a minute. Sadly, when love came my way in an unusual package ( Jake ),  I could not recognize it. However, once I cooled off, the only honk I saw in my rear view mirror was a forbidden fruit (Alan), a sexy, brash, multimillionaire art collector. 
Best~ I am resilient. Life kicks me down but somehow I keep jumping back up again… That must be the African bold and determined nature… Or not?
What is the one thing you wish other people knew about you?
Oh wow! I have a secret but I can’t share it now for fear that it may affect how people view me. My fear is that once the secret comes out, the debonair Alan will not look my ay. Better yet, Jake who continues to profess his love for me will run the opposite way and I will find myself alone yet again. So, I will leave you to figure the secret out:
Watch the Trailer: - !ofsentimentalvaluetrailer/c66t

Purchase, Tags & Post Your Reviews:
Click here to sample or buy (US):

What are you most afraid of?
I am so afraid that with the entire problem it’s caused me to travel out to America to live my dream; that I will have nothing to show for it! I fear having to go back to Africa with a trail of failure behind me. 
What do you want more than anything?
For most part of my adult years, I have followed the Princess of Suburbia® career as a bestselling author and an African Oscar award winning screenwriter and Indiefest film merit award winner, I will give anything to be just like her. I want to be a bestselling author. I want to see my name blasted across the New York Times, USA Today. I want to be on national news media… be a world sensation. Is this too much to ask the creator of heaven and earth?
What is your relationship status?
I need much help in this area but I must focus now on finding the family artifact I mistaken pawned off! I have to stop the spiraling chaos surrounding my dying sister, Naiya who is in Africa and me! But if you are curious, I have two love interests, Alan the wealthy, dark chocolaty (with a tucked away female baggage) and the simple vanilla, soft-spoken Jake.


       “Jake” played by Richard Neal           “Alan” played by Malik Yoba
What’s a gal gotta do. Umph!
How would you describe your sense of fashion?
Oh boy! I am afraid I may need help in that area. Josie and Jessica always remind me of that, particularly when Jessica launches out to grab my “tightly wrapped” scarf.  I love my African roots, so no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, I always make sure that there is a hint of African on me.
How much of a rebel are you?
If you ask Jake, he will tell you I am very stubborn because I am giving him a whole lot of headache with pursuing me for a date. If you asked Jessica my neighbor, she still hasn’t figured me out. Sometimes I agree with what she says but most times, we argue! Josie her sister is just flat out indifferent. So, you ask if I am much of a rebel? It depends on the cause I am fighting for. Right now, I am fighting for my own sanity, fighting to ensure that the family artifact is returned back to the rightful owner in Africa and I am doing everything I can to ensure that.
What do you considered to be your greatest achievement?
Back in Africa, I won a writing contest! Because of that contest, I was given a partial scholarship to pursue my graduate studies in writing. Hence, this is my reason for being in America. More importantly, I was the very first to win such honor in my village. So you know understand why I cannot fail! I cannot go back to African with nothing in my hands. I have to do whatever it takes to make it as a writer, if it kills me!
What is your idea of happiness?
My idea of happiness is being content with where we are regardless; being at peace with the universe; appreciating all God’s creation and just learning to live life to its’ fullest. Ouch! I believe I am speaking to myself right now as I have not been content sine the family artifact got missing.
What is your current state of mind?
At this time, when my sister’s life is hanging in the balance, the mystery woman who keeps tormenting me in my dreams… I am not happy right now and I don’t think I will be until the family artifact~ the stone is found and returned to Africa.
What is your most treasured possession?
The camera I won at y writing contest. It has come in very handy here in America.
What is your most marked characteristic?
My hair… My head. I won’t say anything beyond that.
What is it that you, most dislike?
People bugging me on the same issue sets me off. Say it once, and we are done as I heard you the firs time around.
Which living person do you, most despise?
Alan’s “live in girlfriend!” She thinks she owns Alan and she has the right to talk to people any kind of way.
What is your greatest regret?
That I was so short of money that I had to pawn things off.
What is the quality you most like in a man?
Unnnn…. Someone who is edgy yet soft spoken. He is kind hearted yet firm when handling situation.
What is the quality you most like in a woman?
Who is your favorite hero in fiction?
Thor~ He is a straight guy and does thing with a sense of honor and purpose. So do I.
Which living person do you most admire?
Jessica, once I figured out that she was not being nosy, just really being a true friend.
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
“My secret” and I still can’t share it. You will have to meet up with me in the novel world to find out. That is what I would love to change.
What is your motto?
Live with passion, humility and respect for others. Value your culture ad traditions because they are part of your DNA.

Oh by the way, my Current Giveaways and Book Tour Stops

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Born in the heart of Nigeria, Lagos State; Princess Fumi Hancock was raised to appreciate her royal roots from the South Western region of Nigeria, Emure Kingdom, where her family, the Adumori Nigeria Royal Household have ruled since the 1800s’.
After acquiring her first degree in English from one of the most prestigious colleges in Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University; she stormed the United States of America with a pen, a script and the dream to change the world. Little did she know that it would take her over thirty years to finally fulfill her dream of becoming a prolific writer and most importantly, one who would have the ability to translate her literary works into movies.

As an author, she has written several inspirational books for women, Beyond Idol Worship: A Diary of an African Warrior Princess; Starting Right Now to name a few! After writing these inspirational books and her return back to African after over 25 years absentia; she reaches out to help her community through her US based nonprofit organization, Adassa Adumori Foundation, Inc. (; she also decided to venture into the world of young adult fantasy. To her surprise, her very first young adult fantasy, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell:  Hydra’s Nest became an amazon bestseller! There has been no stopping her since then.
Her new novel, Of Sentimental Value, a suspesce romance with a tinge of mystery is yet another landmark for her. The book was made into a feature film which is scheduled for release soon ( ). In the advent of its release, it has garnered multiple award interest. It was nominated in the NAFCA African Oscar Peoples’ Choice category for Favorite Trailer & Original Score while the Princess took home the winning trophy as Favorite Screenwriter.  Since then, the movie itself has been nominated in the following categories: Best Diaspora Drama & Best Make-up. One of our supporting actors, Malik Yoba was also nominated as Actor in Foreign Film category. Keep reading about the author:
Once again thank you for the interview.
Interview Courtesy of: Jeanine, Eclipse Reviews

Thank you Jeanine for the interview

Princess Fumi Hancock for Siberia Tonka, Of Sentimental Value, The Book

 Original post here:


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DAY 2~Princess Fumi Hancock's Of Sentimental Value Book Tour~ Deal Sharing Aunt: Excerpt & Give away

Hello Friends & Family, This is my second day of Book Tour for , Of Sentimental Value, and I am having a blast. Thanks to those who have stopped by...

Here is my second stop. Enjoy the interview. Oh, DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN GREAT PRIZES! (Right after the interview) Looking forward to seeing who I see at the finished line: 

Share the love and post your comments here.. Would love to hear from you all...

Love The Princess in Suburbia, Princess Fumi Hancock.

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7 Grave Mistakes Women Make When Attempting to transform their lives~ Bestselling Author & African Oscar Winner Princess Fumi Hancock Speaks Out on Her Book Tour!

Grave Mistakes Women Make When Attempting to Transform Their Lives ~ by Bestselling Author &; African Oscar Winning Filmmaker, OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE~ Princess Fumi S. Hancock

ALERT: If you are a reader too, keep reading; this is for you too. Regardless of what career path you are on, you can always apply these principles to project you into purposeful living.


Princess Fumi is giving away great gifts in celebration of the new book release and the upcoming feature film, Of Sentimental Value. Keep reading to find out how you can be a part of this great celebration…. A SODASTREAM MACHINE IS ONE OF THE MANY SCRUMPTOUS GIFTS YOU STAND TO WIN!
- See more at:
Bestselling Author, African Oscar & Indiefest Film Merit Award Winner
Princess Fumi S. Hancock

For Full Story and to Participate in teh Raffle Drawing for GREAT PRIZES, CLICK HERE

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Best Selling Author & Award Winning Filmmaker Set to Start Her Book Tour Oct. 20 - Dec. 2014~ With Loads of Prizes in Store for Readers!

Hello Everyone,

On your mark, get set...GO!

So glad you stopped by. I am so excited to share my world with you as I journey through my book tour from Oct. 20 - Dec. 22, 2014! So much to share with so littel time. For starters, here is my tour schedule. I would love to hear from you all as I stop by these places to share my journey, from a Nursing Boardroom to Hollywood! Who could have thought?....

For Details:

October 20 Guest blog
Fang-tastic Books

October 21 Interview
Deal Sharing Aunt

October 22 Spotlight
3 Partners in Shopping,Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too!

October 23 Interview
Roxanne’s Realm

October 24 Interview
The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom

October 27 Spotlight
Lisa’s World of Books

October 28 Interview
Darkest Cravings

October 29 Character Interview
Eclipse Reviews

November 3 Guest blog
Mythical Books
proposed topic Literary VS "Commercial" genre

November 4 Spotlight
Sapphyria's Book Reviews

November 5 Spotlight
Mila Ramos

November 10 Guest blog
More Romance Please

November 12 Spotlight
Deb Sanders

November 14 Spotlight
Kristy Centeno

November 15 Magazine Feature

Bewitching Book Tours Magazine

November 20 Spotlight
Share My Destiny

December 1 Interview
Pembroke Sinclair.

December 2 Guest blog and review

Sister Sinister Speaks

December 10 Spotlight and review
Coffee Addicts' Book Reviews

December 12 Spotlight
CBY Book Club

December 15 Interview
Bewitching Book Tours Magazine

December 16 Spotlight
A Night’s Dream of Books

December 22 Cast of Characters
Fang-tastic Books

And to the Prizes! Her readers get a chance to participant in a raffle which promises many delightful gifts.

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Award Winning Filmmaker Princess Fumi Hancock Shares a "Kairos Moment" Reviewing...

Hoorah! PUSH! Los Angeles California Private Screening Reviews are in~ Thank you everyone for all of your support. Of Sentimental Value is moving forward and keeps touching hearts~ Please

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NAFCA African Oscar Award Winning FIlmmaker Princess Fumi Hancock brings...

"One Event Can Change Your Life Forever!"
Barely two weeks after Princess in Suburbia, Princess (Dr.) Fumi Hancock nabs the NAFCA African Oscar Peoples' Choice Award~ as Favorite Screenwriter; she steps back in Nashville, TN with yet another award, 2014 Indiefest Women in Films Merit Award. She shares the award with her husband, Dr, David A Hancock, the whole cast of Of Sentimental Value, Friends, family and well-wishers. "Dreams do Come True!" Her 30 years "gift" turns into a platform to Inspire, Motivate, Empower and Help Thrust others into their Next Step.

Pick Up he Novel: Of Sentimental Value
The Trailer:
About Princess Fumi:

Sometimes called the Princess of Suburbia~ Join Princess Fumi Hancock as she invites you on an exciting journey of laughter while debunking issues of love, life, family, business and argh... cooking too!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

LA welcomes Red Carpet Screening of Award Winner, Of Sentimental Value & Her exec. Producer~ Princess Fumi Hancock

On the heels of a very successful "sold out" Nashville TN "VIP" Screening & Book Launch event, Princess Fumi Hancock, her cast members & crew, Producer: Chichi Njoku, Director, John Senelier...(Hosted by Lola Ogunleye, Kairos Moment Host) are well received in Los Angeles, CA ~Sept. 11, 2014. A Big thank you to our Los Angeles, CA partners~D Street Films (Demetrius & Erlinda Navarro), The Adumori Royal Family members (Ogunleyes &  Adeyemis) and ALL who helped in making this event yet another success.... REVIEWS ARE ON THE WAY! Incredible!

Segment produced by Princess Fumi Hancock & Ese Morrison




Sometimes called the Princess of Suburbia~ Join Princess Fumi Hancock as she invites you on an exciting journey of laughter while debunking issues of love, life, family, business and argh... cooking too!

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Princess (Dr.) Fumi S Hancock Shares Words of Encouragement after Her NA...

BEING GRATEFUL THIS MORNING~ My Love Speech ( #Beinspired, #Bemotivated, #Beempowered, #Beauthentic

In the advent of her coming home from Beverly Hills, California with the
NAFCA African Oscar Peoples' Choice ~Favorite Screenwriter Award (and a
successful screening of her new movie, Of Sentimental Value), she shares
her nuggets of wisdom with those striving to push through stagnancy by
sharing her acceptance speech.: "HUMILITY, RESPECT, CIVILITY &
DILIGENCE are a part of your DNA, so you must readily exercise them in
everything you do, she says. NO matter how hardworking you are, if you
turn people off with your lack of respect and lack of authenticity, you
will not get anywhere!" KEEP WATCHING....ONE Event Can Change Your Life
Forever! Make this the turning point for you....Her new Book can be
found: and movie trailer:

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Award Winning Filmmaker Princess Fumi shares clip of SOLD OUT " Live" Na...

Princess Fumi Hancock (The Princess of Suburbia), an award winning Filmmaker and author is known to be a "trailblazer" as her friends would call her... Introducing her latest project, Of Sentimental Value the movie and the novel is not exception when "African Royalty and Hollywood" collide in Nashville TN August 9th, 2014 ~ as relayed by The Tennessee Tribune. An event which which streamed live for the world to see. She releases this nugget from her vault in anticipation of its full release in the nearest future and in preparation for the Los Angeles, CA event~slated for Sept. 11, 2014 few days to the African Oscar... FOR DETAILS:  /  /

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Bestselling Author & Filmmaker~Princess Fumi Hancock Receives Heritage L...

NAFCA African Oscar Winning Filmmaker, 3x Bestselling Author ~Princess
Fumi Hancock is a Recipient of 2014 African Heritage Leadership Award...

Miss Haiti International Reviews the Movie after Its' VIP Private Screen...

A Big thank you to Miss Haiti International, Ms Regine Pierre (And Emily
Hamby) for being a part of our special night. For those in Los Angeles
CA, Of Sentimental Value Private Screening is coming your way Sept 11,
2014 RSVP:

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Of Sentimental Value written & Execuitive Produced by Bestselling Author, FUMI HANCOCK Wins Dove Foundation "Family Approved" Seal

Dove Family-Approved
Recommended for
ages 12 and over




Dove Worldview:
"Of Sentimental Value" does a super job demonstrating the worth of every individual who lives on this planet. The film is unique in that it opens with actors in the movie sharing painful moments of their past, including abuse and health issues, and how they moved forward to find their "worth" as people of value. One actress tells of her manic depression and suicidal thoughts, but how she pushed through after hearing the voice of God speaking to her spirit, telling her she had a purpose and a reason to live.
Other wonderful examples are featured in the film, including actor Richard Neal explaining that he used to weigh 426 pounds and that his father kicked his mother's legs with his steel-toed boots. His step dad abused him, telling him he was fat, stupid, and worthless, and he once placed a pistol in his mouth. Instead of ending his life, he went on to lose 242 pounds in 18 months, became an actor, and now says he realizes he is "priceless." Aleta Myles, who plays Siberia in the movie, talks about losing her hair due to a health problem but how she now has confidence. The story focuses on Siberia, who has moved from Africa to America and plans to become a writer. She is hit by a car (is unhurt), has her car re-possessed and can't pay her rent. She also receives troubling news from her homeland. However, she perseveres and stays encouraged by watching The Princess of Suburbia on her computer. The Princess preaches faith to those who listen. In the end, amazing things happen to Siberia. There is a plot-line involving a stone that has been stolen, a stone Siberia believes must be returned to Africa in order for good things to be restored. The themes of perseverance and faith are to be commended. We are awarding our Dove Family-Approved Seal for ages twelve plus to "Of Sentimental Value." This film has many inspiring moments! 

Dear Distributor/Producer,
Congratulations! Of Sentimental Value (The Movie) has won approval by The Dove Foundation Review Board. This means the Foundation believes that the content expressed makes for the kind of entertainment family members can enjoy together with confidence. The Dove Family Approved Seal is awarded to movies, DVDs, made for TV movies and specials, books and other entertainment products that portray and encourage positive values.

My Wisdom of Nugget for TODAY:
May I encourage someone today with my life story? "One man's poison; is another man's medicine!" Have you ever been in a situation where it didn't matter what you did... how hard you tried, those who are expected to lift you up and see the greatness in you... do exactly the opposite or better yet pretend they don't know what their assignment is for the season where it concerns you? Well... read this...#beinspired, #bemotivated, #beempowered!

Lesson I have learn't with my movie, Of Sentimental Value~God's favor does not always lie in perfection! It almost never align with what mans' eye can see. If we hear spiritually, then we will know when he is moving. During post production of this movie, I was moved to do something which was not necessarily the FILM standards... I brought up my actors/actresses and allowed them to shine over the main story... IT PAID OFF! In life, you need to allow your proteges to shine! As they shine, you shine too. What may not be visible to you is visible to GOD and God honors your effort~

The Princess of Suburbia, Princess Fumi Hancock.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"The Secret to Lasting Success" from an NAFCA African Oscar Award Winning Filmmaker & Bestselling Author: A MUST READ FOR THE DAY~Princess Fumi Hancock

"The Secret to Lasting Success" from an NAFCA African Oscar Award Winning Filmmaker & Bestselling Author: A MUST READ FOR THE DAY:

Lesson For Today: "Do Not Cut Off Your Blessings Before they are Fully Hatched! Do Not Disrespect the Rainmaker God Has Placed in Your Life for This Season. It will only lead to self-sabotage of Your Destiny!" KEEP READING...

" I woke up this morning and thought of many of my recent encounters~Those who have come my way as assignments to uplift, mentor and / or help deliver their destinies for which I am grateful to GOD for entrusting lives to me. And ofcourse those who were assigned to me to uplift me and point me in the right direction. 


Everyone that God has assigned to me, it has always been these qualities which attract my attention and when they begin to loose these qualities, sadly IT IS GLARINGLY visible to the plain eye.

Lesson For Today: "Don't Cut Off Your Blessings Before they are Fully Hatched! Do Not Disrespect the Rainmaker God Has Placed in Your Life for This Season" My Challenge for Today: Think Real Hard, Who Has God Placed in Your Live to Mentor or Shape Your Destiny? Test the Temperature of Your Recent Encounter (s) With Them? Then Take Action to Either Amend Things and Strengthen the Relationship. "You Will Never Go to the Next level if You Prematurely Cut Off The Path Meant to Help You Deliver Your Destiny Safety. I do it on a daily basis. Try it Today...

Princess Fumi Hancock has a new book out and a new movie:

Of Sentimental ValueCheck Book at: Amazon

Watch Trailer of Movie: Here

If you are in the Los Angeles California area Sept. 11, 2014, Come and Join me at our LA Private Screening. RSVP Here

Are you an actor, actress,bring your head shots along for possible consideration for the Executive Producer's next project. But you must RSVP First! Limited seating...

More on the Book here:

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Let this Fuel You, if You are feeling Weary: Of Sentimental Value & Princess Fumi Hancock Nab the Prestigious 2014 INDIEFEST FILM MERIT AWARD

Awesome News: Let this fuel you if you are weary! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Princess Fumi Hancock~Of Sentimental Value Nab the prestigious "2014 INDIE FEST FILM AWARDS" (An Internationally recognized film awards)... I Pray Someone is blessed by this posting tonight. If so, please join me in thanking Haba Father and congratulating all of my cast...

Have you ever been in a position where you are so certain you heard within your spirit what you believe the Creator has called you to be doing for a season? Yet the more you attempt to push through, the more opposition you encounter. In fact, you are stunned when you find out that those who are meant to celebrate YOU are the ones working so hard to tear you down? Well, I was there with the making of, Of Sentimental Value! If I had cameras rolling during our production, America would think  such reality show was all staged! What kept me going was the fact that I KNEW WHAT I HEARD! I knew the assignments I was given at this season! I knew some will get it and I knew few will miss it! I also knew that those who get it will surely get to join in the movement of what God is doing at this hour! Of Sentimental Value as I have often said is a miracle work... not perfect but A MIRACLE. With its imperfections 9as few may quickly point out), GOD IS CONTINUALLY SHOWING ME THAT IT IS ALL ABOUT MY OBEDIENCE even when it meant standing alone!

Last night, I received an official letter from INDIEFEST FILM AWARDS... One of the most recognized international film awards around~ Princess Fumi Hancock~ Of Sentimental wins a 2014 Merit Award (Women in Films)! What a God we serve....When you are obedient, You shall surely eat the good fruit of the DUE SEASON. YOUR SEASON IS AROUND THE CORNER, DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE'S INSECURITIES TO PULL YOU DOWN! Sept. 11, 2014- our LA event RSVP at:

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Red Carpet For New International Film~Janice Malone for The Tennessee Tribune~Princess Fumi Hancock, Cast & Movie Making their way to the 2014 African Oscar Award Show in Beverly Hills, CA

Princess Fumi Hancock: Be Inspired, Be Motivated,  Be Empowered and Fueled today by my life story; "NEVER LET ANYONE STOP YOU FROM FULFILLING YOUR DESTINY. PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS TRY TO PLACE ROAD BLOCKS IN YOUR PATH!"

They will tell you, you are not good enough... they will try to place marks of failure on the work of your hands. But look up to the sky, the author and finisher of your faith. He is the only one who has the final say in your life!" Family and supporters, Of Sentimental Value moving forward... another coverage here in Nashville TN by Janice Malone for The Tennessee Tribune, Caption reads: "Red Carpet for New International Film" We are so blessed....

It's COUNTDOWN....Get ready to watch our "SOLD OUT" Red Carpet Event live, AUGUST 9, 2014 6 DAYS from now:

A little taste of Kim Duke Neal as "Fanta", Richard Neal as "Jake" and the Princess of Suburbia, Fumi Hancock rocking the set!

"Naiya" played by Beatrice Gatebuke and  Aleta Myles "Siberia Tonka".. On the Set of, Of Sentimental Value.

Did you know that Of Sentimental Value is nominated for several 2014 NAFCA African Oscar Award?
---African Oscar, Peoples Choice Award~ Favorite Screenwriter~Princess Fumi Wins!

Here are our nominations:
-----Peoples' Choice Best Trailer
----Peoples' Choice Best Original Music Scoring

And now:
----Best Diaspora Drama
---Best Make Up
---Malik Yoba, nominated for Best Actor in Foreign Film

September 13, 2014, we attend the African Oscar in Beverly Hills... For more information:

More News:
The Princess in Suburbia Lifestyle TV Show has been nominated for the 2014 NAFCA African Oscar Award. Get ready to experience the event, on Red Carpet interviews by the Princess of Suburbia Herself, Princess Fumi Hancock.!live-feed-from-the-nafca-african-oscars/c23h7

Get Ready for the Book Launch, Of Sentimental Value, the Novel~A Dramatic Suspense:


Friday, August 1, 2014

African Princess Lives in Spring Hill Makes Film ~ Princess Fumi Hancock~Written by Angie Mayes, Reporter~Advertiser News

#Beinspired, #Bemotivated, #Beempowered, #Reachingforthestars: Front Page Caption: African Princess Lives in Spring Hill Makes Film ~ Real Life calls Spring Hill Home and debuts a Movie..." Angie Mayes, Reporter~ The Advertiser News~ covering our Upcoming SOLD OUT VIP event~ screening Of Sentimental Value movie, launching of the accompany novel and Giving Back to Africa ~ The newspaper has a gift for one of their readers ~ CHECK IT OUT: Humbled and totally grateful ~Executive Producer, Storyteller, Princess Fumi Hancock

See all of her books at:


(1) Our VIP Event taking place in Nashville TN, August 9th, 2014 will be live streamed.... Get ready Y'all!
(2) The event  SOLD OUT barely 5 DAYS to its announcement!

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