Saturday, October 18, 2014

Best Selling Author & Award Winning Filmmaker Set to Start Her Book Tour Oct. 20 - Dec. 2014~ With Loads of Prizes in Store for Readers!

Hello Everyone,

On your mark, get set...GO!

So glad you stopped by. I am so excited to share my world with you as I journey through my book tour from Oct. 20 - Dec. 22, 2014! So much to share with so littel time. For starters, here is my tour schedule. I would love to hear from you all as I stop by these places to share my journey, from a Nursing Boardroom to Hollywood! Who could have thought?....

For Details:

October 20 Guest blog
Fang-tastic Books

October 21 Interview
Deal Sharing Aunt

October 22 Spotlight
3 Partners in Shopping,Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too!

October 23 Interview
Roxanne’s Realm

October 24 Interview
The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom

October 27 Spotlight
Lisa’s World of Books

October 28 Interview
Darkest Cravings

October 29 Character Interview
Eclipse Reviews

November 3 Guest blog
Mythical Books
proposed topic Literary VS "Commercial" genre

November 4 Spotlight
Sapphyria's Book Reviews

November 5 Spotlight
Mila Ramos

November 10 Guest blog
More Romance Please

November 12 Spotlight
Deb Sanders

November 14 Spotlight
Kristy Centeno

November 15 Magazine Feature

Bewitching Book Tours Magazine

November 20 Spotlight
Share My Destiny

December 1 Interview
Pembroke Sinclair.

December 2 Guest blog and review

Sister Sinister Speaks

December 10 Spotlight and review
Coffee Addicts' Book Reviews

December 12 Spotlight
CBY Book Club

December 15 Interview
Bewitching Book Tours Magazine

December 16 Spotlight
A Night’s Dream of Books

December 22 Cast of Characters
Fang-tastic Books

And to the Prizes! Her readers get a chance to participant in a raffle which promises many delightful gifts.

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