Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let this Fuel You, if You are feeling Weary: Of Sentimental Value & Princess Fumi Hancock Nab the Prestigious 2014 INDIEFEST FILM MERIT AWARD

Awesome News: Let this fuel you if you are weary! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Princess Fumi Hancock~Of Sentimental Value Nab the prestigious "2014 INDIE FEST FILM AWARDS" (An Internationally recognized film awards)... I Pray Someone is blessed by this posting tonight. If so, please join me in thanking Haba Father and congratulating all of my cast...

Have you ever been in a position where you are so certain you heard within your spirit what you believe the Creator has called you to be doing for a season? Yet the more you attempt to push through, the more opposition you encounter. In fact, you are stunned when you find out that those who are meant to celebrate YOU are the ones working so hard to tear you down? Well, I was there with the making of, Of Sentimental Value! If I had cameras rolling during our production, America would think  such reality show was all staged! What kept me going was the fact that I KNEW WHAT I HEARD! I knew the assignments I was given at this season! I knew some will get it and I knew few will miss it! I also knew that those who get it will surely get to join in the movement of what God is doing at this hour! Of Sentimental Value as I have often said is a miracle work... not perfect but A MIRACLE. With its imperfections 9as few may quickly point out), GOD IS CONTINUALLY SHOWING ME THAT IT IS ALL ABOUT MY OBEDIENCE even when it meant standing alone!

Last night, I received an official letter from INDIEFEST FILM AWARDS... One of the most recognized international film awards around~ Princess Fumi Hancock~ Of Sentimental wins a 2014 Merit Award (Women in Films)! What a God we serve....When you are obedient, You shall surely eat the good fruit of the DUE SEASON. YOUR SEASON IS AROUND THE CORNER, DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE'S INSECURITIES TO PULL YOU DOWN! Sept. 11, 2014- our LA event RSVP at:

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