Sunday, September 21, 2014

Princess (Dr.) Fumi S Hancock Shares Words of Encouragement after Her NA...

BEING GRATEFUL THIS MORNING~ My Love Speech ( #Beinspired, #Bemotivated, #Beempowered, #Beauthentic

In the advent of her coming home from Beverly Hills, California with the
NAFCA African Oscar Peoples' Choice ~Favorite Screenwriter Award (and a
successful screening of her new movie, Of Sentimental Value), she shares
her nuggets of wisdom with those striving to push through stagnancy by
sharing her acceptance speech.: "HUMILITY, RESPECT, CIVILITY &
DILIGENCE are a part of your DNA, so you must readily exercise them in
everything you do, she says. NO matter how hardworking you are, if you
turn people off with your lack of respect and lack of authenticity, you
will not get anywhere!" KEEP WATCHING....ONE Event Can Change Your Life
Forever! Make this the turning point for you....Her new Book can be
found: and movie trailer:

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