Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Welcome Note from Author, FUMI HANCOCK


Hello Everyone,

I thought long and hard about what I would be sharing on this blog. First, I want to thank you immensely for attempting to go through my blog.

The road to creating this blog has been quite windy. But I am greateful. I am more thankful for friends and family who have stuck by me and encouraged me to reach out amd make my dream of writing come true --- some of whom have read pieces of my writings and are certain I could actually succeed in this business, amidst the hot competition.

Having said that, while I cannot claim to be Stephenie Meyer, author of  the Twilight Series, or Amanda Hocking who wrote the Tryll Series or perhaps a recent Amazon success story- John Locke; my goal is to try moving forward with the characters battling in my head!

Here is what I promise, that I will always be true to my fans; that I will attempt to tintillate you with these unique characters; that I will always provide an arena where my readers can escape with my characters.

As a writer with rich background in everything Africa, I urge my readers to be prepared to travel the world in few hours... be prepared to visit exotic areas in Africa... come in and let me introduce you to different characters as they battle life experiences... some will excel while others will.... well, I don't want to give it all away.

Here is what I hope to accomplish with this relationship: that my readers will always tell me the truth when something is not working, that you will be patient with me as I gently unveil my characters in my upcoming novels.

Thank you all for allowing this 40 something year old woman who had literarily given up on her dream.. thank you for allowing my dream to resurcitate again.

NEWS:I am putting a finishing touch to  my Young Adult Urban Fantasy Novel, THE HYDRA'S NEST: Grimmling Series.

Looking forward to its' release in JUNE, 2012.
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Above all, plesae invite your friends and family to check me out as I prepare to release my new book.

See you soon!


Fumi Hancock

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