Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hooray to Rising Sales at Kindle -Amazon: New Launched Inspirational eBooks!

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It's been a long road. While I am still awaiting the release of my YOUNG ADULT FANTASY NOVEL, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell, Hydra's Nest; some of my friends suggested that I put my Inspirational Nuggets of Wisdom in eBooks!

After much deliberation, I listened and totally obliged!

Well, the first 4 in the series of 2RespectMylife were launched about 14 days ago at -Kindle section (

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I saw the sales. Two of the books are neck-to-neck now and I am so totally stoked watching the sales rise.

Howto Become Extremely Successful in 7 Easy Steps!
Immediately Transform & Take Charge of Your Life: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually and Financially!

7 Steps to Become Extremely Rich in a Depressed Economy
A Millionaire’s “How to” Guide to Generate Wealth!

These are poignant lessons a rich person taught me several years ago. Well as with many of us, I ignored them thinking they were just too simplistic! I WAS WRONG!

Twenty- something years later (after much hardship doing things my own way), I met up with him and he told me the same thing….
Recommendations will only work if applied. I KNOW BETTER NOW! Respecting My Life means valuing my life and understanding that I am worth success!
                                             So, I humbly share them with YOU.

                   The other two books are simply complimentary to the above ones:
                                My Destiny’s Quill--- The Dreamer’s Journal
                                         Inspirational Quotes to Seize the Day!

A Big thank you to my behind the scenes friends who have inspired me to see more than I saw in the words within me.

While this blog is dedicated to  my Fiction work, I couldn't help but share this as an encouragement for someone out there!

It is possible to succeed in writing. FOCUS is an ABSOLUTE KEY to SUCCESS.

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Again, thanks for all of your support. Means the world to me.


Fumi Hancock

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