Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Princess in Suburbia, Bestselling Author & Host of a Lifestyle TV show discusses the African Academy Award Show coming up 2014

WATCH OUT FOR OUR NEXT SEASON! On a mission to feature the AFRICAN ACADEMY AWARDS... So here we go people...let's see how that goes fans....

Hello Everyone,

You know your gal, the Princess of Suburbia, Dr. Fumi Hancock. So, we are dead in the middle of our post production for, Of Sentimental Value, A Comedic Drama bridging the gap between Hollywood, Nollywood and ofcourse Ghollywood. It's been a great journey to move from being a best selling author, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell to becoming an Executive Producer and the Screenwriter for this movie. I take the time to thank all of my fans, readers, bloggers, reviewers, viewers of my TV show, The Princess in Suburbia "Your Vision Torch". I really couldn't have done all these without you.

Having said that, part of preparing for releasing the movie also precludes that we start looking at the possibilities of some award shows.  I therefore invite you to this phenomenon called the AFRICAN ACADEMY AWARDS! ( 

As a filmmaker who is African and has lived in the US for over 30 years; it brings me great pleasure to introduce to the world this wonderful opportunity for AFRICANS to synergize and be noted for their hard work.  While I have not been privy to this event before, finding out about it has really given me hope that we in Africa are on to greatness. It is my hope that this coming year, The Ofsentimental Value family, and the Princess in Suburbia TV show will partake of this excellent venture.

So, stay tuned as I bring you more news on THE AFRICAN ACADEMY AWARDS 2014!

With Love,

Dr. Fumi Hancock
The Princess of Suburbia
The Princess in Suburbia TV Show

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