Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Journey to the Award Winning Movie "Angel & the Mailman" Premiere in Houston~ 4/26/2014~by Bestselling Author & Filmmaker~Princess Fumi Hancock

It is barely 4 hours since my husband, Dr. David Hancock and I landed back in Nashville, TN after a night at the premiere of the African Oscar Award Winning Movie, Angel and the Mailman in Houston Texas, Santikos Palladium AVX. Being completely exhausted yet elated is an understatement. But I could not stop but share my experience with my friends, family and well-wishers.

So, just few hours from checking into my hotel... I quickly ran into my suite to prepare for the big bash...

At the reception area where we stayed the night ...

So on the red carpet, I met a gentleman, National African Business Association , Mr. Akinyemi
In all of the craziness happening around, I finally got a chance to spend quality time with Chichi Njoku, Producer of the Movie, Angel & The Mailman

As we settle down to watch the movie, an awesome thing happened! The Trailer of my upcoming FEATURE MOVIE, OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE was debuted on one of the largest film screen I had ever seen! It was such a cool feeling, setting the pace for what will happen very soon....

Of Sentimental Value~ A Dramatic Suspense Story of a Young African Immigrant who comes to America to fulfill her dream...She encounters trouble and the mystery of her mother land, Africa follows her to America.



My Verdict? Everyone needs to watch the movie, Angel and the Mailman! The message of drunk driving was strong... the characters were extraordinarily played. The story is powerful!

At the end of the night, I got a chance to take pictures... Eva Banks (a noted Nollywood Film Producer & Chris Onyeka were present

Stay tuned as I continue to bring you more of my experience at the Premiere. A big thank you to Chichi Njoku and congratulations to a job well done.

From Bestselling Author,
Princess Fumi S. Hancock

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