Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We Are Of Sentimental Value~ Boko Haram Deal With It~NAFCA African Oscar Nominated, Bestselling Author, a Nigerian Princess

Give them a Smack in their face!
Support an Educated Nigerian Woman & NAFCA African Oscar Nominated Filmmaker, Princess Fumi Hancock.

Great news for Princess Fumi Hancock, bestselling author of The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell and the Executive Producer if an Upcoming Movie, Of Sentimental Value, as she just recently heard that she, part of her cast, ad the movie are up for several nominations ~Peoples' Choice Category ~ NAFCA Africa Oscar. While she has nursed the idea of making a movie for 30 years, her very first movie, Of Sentimental Value is starting great with several nominations.

VOTING IS IN SESSION! She needs your help to keep the movie riding this wave...

Fumi Hancoc
k for Favorite Screenwriter
Of Sentimental Value for Favorite Trailer
Of Sentimental Value for Favorite Original Score
Malik Yoba, Tommy Tiny Lister & Vitalis Ndubuisi for Actor
Jessica Garza for Favorite Actress.

Please your vote here and please pass this on to others (help make my 30 year dream come true)

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