Friday, July 4, 2014

African Royalty~NAFCA~African Oscar Award Winning Filmmaker & 3x Amazon Bestselling Author Gearing up for VIP Event in Nashville TN!~

African Royalty~ NAFCA African Oscar 2014 Peoples' Choice Award Winning Filmmaker & 3x Amazon Bestselling Author, Princess Fumi S. Hancock is gearing up for a one in a lifetime event~ ROYALTY STYLE~ Inviting the "Who's is Who" in the Nashville area and the film industry to grace her red carpet event on August 9th, 2014~ a private viewing of Of Sentimental Value, honoring her children in Africa.

What is unique about this event?

Her goal is to raise more awareness and support for the work she does in Africa ~educating the children, under her nonprofit organization, Adassa Adumori Foundation, Inc.  Her statement to the recent abduction of the Nigerian Girls, "eat your heart out boko haram, here is an educated Nigerian Gal making a difference!" More at:!our-cause/c21l4

NAFCA 2014 African Oscar Peoples' Choice Nominee, Best Trailer
The event will feature the following:

Award winning artists Jerry Foster, Brenda Cole, a comedian (our master of ceremony: Gary Jenkins, and advocates (genocide in africa Claude Gatebuke and a domestic violence, Mary Fox Niles in the US).

Our Red Carpet Hosts? I am glad you asked:
Regine Pierre~ 2014 Miss Haiti International  and Emily Stacey ~Miss Country Sunshine 2014 Teen Princess

Get a taste of the invitation card for our VIP guests:
Our guests will be sharing their experiences on the red carpet vial LIVE FEED. Who knows, we may be live streaming portions of the event for all of our supporters globally... Stay tuned for more news on that.

A big thank you to my muses. They make my life so much fun and keep me going:

Nick Wale You Rock!                   
Ruth Brown, Smooches!     
Patience Adegoke, totally awesome

Few days ago, I attended a wonderful event held by Women in Films Nashville, TN. During the event, my newly found allies called me princess... not totally sure if they really new that princess was not my name but my actual title. So for those who may be wondering, here you go... a little taste...Doing a total reveal here...
CLICK THIS: Princess in Suburbia, FUMI- Adumori Nigerian Royality opens the family vault to her Viewers-pt.1

Coronation of my royal father and cousin: His Royal Majesty, King Emmanuel Adebayo, the reigning Elemure of Emure Kingdom, Ekiti State, Nigeria.
Want to see how a King is actually coronated? Watch here!

More Videos:

Princess Fumi's Books:
On search for Fumi Hancock

Her 3 Bestselling Books:
 Made #4 on     Made # 2 on            Made # 2 on

More to come on the event and other exciting news!

WEB PAGES:  ~VIP Event page ~Movie page ~My TV Talk Show ~ Upcoming Book ~Of Sentimental Value, the Book ~My Official Webapge


With Love,

Princess Fumi S. Hancock
The Princess in Suburbia

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