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The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell, HYDRA'S NEST by FUMI HANCOCK---RELEASE DATE: JULY 2012

                            WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR LAST DAY ON EARTH? 

When Jewel Cardwell gained an admission to a prestigious preparatory school nestled in the farmlands of Limpopo, South Africa, little did she know it would begin a trail of mysterious events and unfamiliar events, changing her life forever!

At Grayton prep, a battle line is drawn between ‘good and evil’. Rivalry and treachery become the order of the day and Jewel is forced to question everything she thought she knew as she struggles to stay alive in an environment riddled with demonic activity! Armed with a magical secret, she sets a new goal…to beat “evil” and conquer death on her own terms!

Just as she was getting used to the string of misfortune and strange occurrences trailing her, the unexpected happens... She is tossed in the throes of complicated yet alluring love triangle….

Will love conquer all or will she succumb to the dark forces?

Hancock has no rivals for her writing on the mysteries of Africa! A gripping adventure, prepare for the ride of your life through the challenges, both in the physical and spiritual plane, of a teenage girl in deepest, darkest Africa!

Riveting… I could not put the book, "Hydra's Nest" down, and wanted more!  The adventure included details not encountered in American and West European novels. Jewel Cardwell and her alter ego, Kayla, the witch girl, stir the imagination!"-------David, A H --Blogger

My Life Story  continues....

Absolutely crazy about these authors: Stephanie Meyer, Amanda Hocking, Samantha Young...and a Self Proclaimed Writer of the Year (Ok, perhaps a stretch but I'm on my way!). Alright so I'm not in my twenties... probably starting my writing career just a tad-bit late... but I'm determined to be a success story too! I heard 40's is the next twenties in this century... If they are right, then I just peeked! Hooray for me. My friends range from ages 14 - You know... let your imagination run wide.... Ha!

 Some call me an Humanitarian and Life Changer for Children in Africa ( Host of "From Scratch TV," an Online Inspirational TV Programming (, Mother of  2 Terrific Sons and 2 Daughters,  and an Adventure Seeking Adult with an insatiable love for Young Adult Novels.So some of you have read Harry Potter, some twilight ...or even the latest craze...Amanda Hocking's Tryll Series... while I don't claim to be any of these people.... I promise this... The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell will kick it up another notch for Fantasy & Paranormal Book Lovers! Let the ride begin!

Here is where you come in... you have probably not heard of me before but I have ... YOU... I need your help in pushing my goal forward and I'm not too proud to ask. PLEASE BRING OUT THE DRUMS FOR MY FIRST YOUNG ADULT NOVEL...It's been forth coming... Finally completed it after over twenty years of dropping my pen!

Alas!, it's called The Adventures of JEWEL CARDWELL, Hydra's Nest. RELEASE DATE: JULY 2012. Will like to send FREE E-BOOK COPIES TO 10 PEOPLE! In return, I ask that you share your true heart with me by writing a recommendation.

Need I say more? Thank you for your time. OH PLEASE LIKE ME ON MY FACEBOOK ... Looking for a few brave souls to walk this journey with me. 


A cool scene from my upcoming Novel....The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell, Hydra's Nest. Thanks to Bola Thompson.. for bringing this scene to life... (c) 2012

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