Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Don't be in a haste! Wait your turn with a good attitude~From Amazon Bestselling Author-FUMI HANCOCK

Don't be in a haste! Wait your turn with a good attitude~A lesson learned from the mouth of a babe....
Good Day friends and family: I came across one of my son's Bola Thompson feed this morning... here it goes: 

Easiest way to deal with flaky people is to shake them off your shoulder and move on. In the immortal words of Poet laureate/knighted gent/surgeon general Kanye "to the" West: "Hey hey, hey, hey." Wow! 

From the mouth of babes..... wisdom shall flow. Isn't that the truth? So don't be perplexed when those who you think should get you do not.... Don't be perplexed when instead of wishing you well, all they think of is coveting what you have been given.... We are all called at the appointed time to fulfill our destiny. WAIT YOUR TURN WITH A GOOD ATTITUDE. Bad attitude will only get you farther away from your destiny. If my son only knew how much these words blessed me this morning.... awgh... if he only knew.... Well, I made sure he did. Hope you are blessed by it too today....

From The Princess in Suburbia, 
Author of The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell,

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