Thursday, April 4, 2013

Encouraging Words from The Princess in Suburbia and Amazon's Teens Bestselling Author ~ Fumi Hancock

Encouraging Words from President, Let's Go Innovate, Author of Bestselling Teens Book, the The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell:   Are U A Friend or a Fr-enemy?  I woke up this morning gazing at some of my pictures... old and new... I suddenly felt the yearn to share my heart... Hopefully, one person will be blessed by it today. Be careful who you share your dreams with. They may not be as excited as you are. This is because they are most likely  occupying the wrong space in your life.

Many of us have filled our core circle with people who do not belong there... Oh but God's grace is allowing them to be fished out and exposed in CANDID CAMERA! Sadly, those you really believe are an epitome of God's beauty are beginning to look ugly and you are perplexed! Don't be!  You may be seeing them throw stones your way rather than up guard you and wait their turn.

Regardless, hold on to your dreams... what you know in your heart you've been called to do. Shortly, your Creator... will push them out of your way... Behold, it is a new day... a new dawn, for FAVOR and GRACE to over shine your seemingly crooked path. Every time your fr-enemy in "friend" clothing snares or thumbs his or her nose at your destiny...FRET NOT! It is simply the funeral of his or her dreams he/she is celebrating... a masquerade dancing to the tune of his/her funeral!

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Thank you.

Fumi Hancock


  1. Thank you Fumi. I actually had a frenemy turn into a friend recently because I said their dream was worth while. *loves*

  2. Thanks for your response alethearia. We live and learn from every life gifts