Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Wonderful son got me thinking~ Princess in Suburbia: FUMI HANCOCK, Amazon Bestselling Author

Today, one of my wonderful sons shared the following statement and got me thinking and praying for a God inspired answer.

“Hello great people of Africa, it's indeed an awesome morning here in Emure Ekiti, Nigeria where sun is already shining as early as 7a.m. I woke up thinking within me why some are greater than others. My answer to this is simply that 'MAN CANNOT BE GREATER THAN HIS ENVIRONMENT'. I therefore urge you and myself to assess our present location and if not favourable, we relocate to a better place. Man is a product of his environment – Dele A”

Here is what I got in my spirit and I trust you will be blessed by it:

Huge think about.... Let's look at the CREATION.... God created the heavens and the earth.... He knew you before you became a thought in your mother's womb. He had a purpose, a mission and a vision for you.... He is God, who makes no mistakes and when we are in his will, we are where we need to be.... He is Jehovah God who has time in his hands....and as we press towards his calling for our lives, He chooses when, how and what we need to be doing at this season. Though times are tough, he CHOOSES... the next steps for us.

Here is a true life story of a dear friend. Several years ago, he and 6 of his friends graduated from a University in Nigeria. They all wanted to travel outside of the country to Britain or the US. Of all the 7 friends, my cousin was the only one who could not attain a visa to come. He tried over 6 times, all to no avail. He was distraught as he watched the remaining six pack their bags and leave Nigeria for Britain and the US. He spent several months stooling over his situation in Nigeria. But soon pick up the pieces and went back to the University to study Law. Once he graduated, he started his own law firm and just gradually began to live life in Nigeria.

Here is the wonderful outcome, of all the 7... he is the most successful amongst them! Eventhough the remaining 6 are in Britain and the US, they continue to struggle and he is constantly sending them money to help from Nigeria! Can you believe that? Now, some of them are trying to get back home and he is helping them to come back to settle in Nigeria. Today, this person travels all over the world including the US who refused him several times because he is an incredibly wealthy man IN NIGERIA. I share this personal story to let you know that GOD KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING!

What has worked for me, when it seems like I am not getting a head way is I ask God what is in my current environment that I am supposed to be doing that I haven't gotten in my spirit? And often, he shows me when I am calm enough to listen. And when it is time to move, he will show that too. Not only that, he will open the door without us even expecting it. It has happened to me here in the US over and over again. What I am currently doing now, HE OPENED THE DOOR from an unexpected source. HE WILL CHOOSE THE SOURCE TO USE TOO AS ONLY HE KNOWS EVERYONE’S SITUATION.

Again, when we keep our eyes on GOD, he will direct and order our steps. Frustrations may come, hardship may scream at us and let us believe there is no hope but we must push through to ask God, why am I still in the place I am in and what would you have me do. In the middle of drought, Joseph prospered. Can anything good come out of your environment? Remember this, in the middle of drought, Joseph prospered. Begin to yield great fruits with the little you have where you are planted…. Can you believe that there may be a jewel in hiding where you are but you have not calmed down enough for God to show you? It is my prayer for you all today that you will begin to yield great fruits where you are planted…. And that God Almighty will show you all where you need to be in this season and equip you to move forward. There is nothing as heart wrenching when you plant ourselves in an environment God has not called us to at the season. Always remember the story of the 7 friends I have shared today and take strength from it. I hope this has blessed you today.

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