Friday, May 10, 2013

THE SECRET TO IMMEDIATE BREAKTHROUGH~ FUMI HANCOCK, Amazon Bestseller & Princess in Suburbia TV Host

THE SECRET TO IMMEDIATE BREAKTHROUGH! I pray this blesses you today…. Candid talk but will bring breakthrough, if taken seriously. Thank you for reading~ Dr. FUMI HANCOCK, Amazon Bestseller~ The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell & President: Let’s Go Innovate ( 

I woke up this morning and began to think and just meditate on these WORDS. What is the secret to immediate and instant breakthrough in life? What makes one person breakthrough and breakout in an instant while others continue to struggle….Let’s take a look at it with a candid eye this day as you go about doing your business.

SLOUGHFULNESS …dictionary meaning states…”to ignore something” that is, “to regard something as being unwanted”. These are such powerful definitions. How many times have great opportunities come your way and because they did not come in the package you want…. How many times have you ignored them? How many times have you promised to do something, yet you continue to procrastinate because deep down in your heart you ignore it or disregard it. Do you know that God uses small things to get our attention too? Do you know that what you need right now is simply FAVOR which surpasses all you think about physical money? FAVOR will take you where your education and money will not!

Quit being sloughful about things that pertain to your life or the life of others! Be more vigilant because God works with little things too. How can you pass the test and how can you move forward if YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED with simply following through with your own promise? Many are where they are today because there are some little things they have ignored in their lives… some small steps they are meant to take for God to catapult them but their eyes are fixed on big things. LESSON FOR TODAY: Check your closet, look at your environment… what little things are God doing right now that you need to be a part of? YOU WILL NOT MOVE FORWARD UNTIL YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THE SMALL STUFF HAPPENING AROUND YOU. Our Creator is a person of order.

Be loyal… Be a person of honor… be trustworthy… let your yes be your yes and you no… no!  When you say you will do something, get up and do… stop making people remind you of it all the time! It only shows your sloughfulness! WHAT YOU VALUE, YOU WILL CHERISH AND MAKE HAPPEN! Value the small stuff... be a person of action and one who follows through with your promises. if you can't keep a promise, you can't put your hands to something.... what is your creator supposed to work with? All the great men and women we admire today.... are putting their hands to something, regardless of how small it may seem to others! The quickest way to kill your dream is to not follow through on  your promises! Quit getting frustrated... move on the small things around you.

Many have stopped us on the way and asked us to bring Let’s Go Innovate Conference to Nashville, TN… Here is your chance to be a part of a great movement. We bring this Innovative Conference to you because we care. WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED… THIS IS OUR PASSION AND OUR HEART DESIRE… To see you prosper and break out of the box! 

But you must register TODAY…Don’t be robbed of the greatest breakthrough event…If you know you are on the verge of a breakthrough but you have not birth your vision? If you know you desperately need help in figuring out what you are called to be…. THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN PHYSICAL FOOD, though you will be fed there too. It is worth you investing in your future. How would you learn if you won’t take the time to seek assistance? How would you breakthrough if you don’t take advantage of what has been placed right in front of you? Take this small step…..

REGISTER TODAY (MAY 25, 2013), be set free of complacency and sloughfulness…. YOU WILL LEAVE THE CONFERENCE WITH AN ACTION PLAN! That is a promise!

For my African family, see you in the group: We are working on something great for you all… provided you need it…. We will announce shortly after our Nashville TN conference…. But you must be an active part of the group first.

Thank you for reading.
Fumi Hancock

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